5 Best Fishing Spots in Utah

5 Best Fishing Spots in Utah

From massive reservoirs stretching across more than 150,000 acres to glittering streams tucked away in the mountains, Utah is an angler’s paradise. Whether you’re looking to hook brook trout and catfish or salmon and striped bass, there’s something for everyone. Here are the five best fishing spots in the state.

1. Provo River

Provo River is a classic Utah fishing spot, and for good reason. The river stretches for miles and is full of brown and rainbow trout, many of which are 18 inches long or longer. And although it is a popular place to fish that is also close to prominent Utah Valley cities, the middle and upper areas of the river still feel remote and the entire river proves pristine. Especially noted for fly fishing, the river also has fluctuating water levels due to two reservoirs that it feeds. If you need to grab some fly fishing gear before you head out, stop in at the trusted Fish Heads Fly Shop in Heber City. They’ll supply you with what you’ll need and also offer guide services! Near the lower end of the river, fishermen have to be prepared for lots of people floating the river, but that doesn’t mean the fishing quality diminishes at the river’s lower end. If you want help fishing the Provo River, you can choose from a variety of fishing companies to ensure you come away with a catch. 

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2. Fish Lake

As if its name doesn’t already connote great fishing, Fish Lake is one of Utah’s premier fishing locations. Five miles-long and a half mile-wide, the lake is home to high numbers of lake trout, splake, rainbow trout, and yellow perch swimming about its depth. Located in a forested area, the lake is incredibly serene and sits at an elevation of 8,800 feet. The lake has spots for shore fishing, but is also great for boat fishing. If you want to stay and fish a few days (or just explore the neighboring Fish Lake National Forest) there are excellent lodging and camping facilities at the lake. And although it could be considered southern Utah, the area’s temperatures are rarely unbearable. That is, unless you decide you want to ice fish at the lake, which is a popular winter activity.

3. Strawberry Reservoir

Located much further up Provo Canyon than most non-fishers from the valley are willing to go, Strawberry Reservoir is close to Heber Valley and is also relatively close to Park City. The reservoir is known as one of Utah’s (and the American West’s) best trout fisheries, and is especially famous for its large rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and kokanee salmon. In fact, the state’s largest cutthroat trout ever recorded was caught here in 1930, weighing in at a whopping 27 pounds. If fishing doesn’t interest all of your family members, the reservoir is also a fantastic spot for boating and relaxing in general. But if you are fishing, it is best to fish at Strawberry Reservoir from a boat or float tube. Shore fishing is typically less successful, and the reservoir’s best fishing takes place in spring and fall. And just as with any fishing location, make sure you’re familiar with the reservoir’s rules before attempting to catch too many fish. 

4. Green River

Green River is one of Utah’s most beloved water sources, mostly because of how gorgeous its surroundings are. Especially below Flaming Gorge Dam, the river takes on a surreal beauty and large populations of trout. On Green River, you can only fish with artificial flies or lures, though a variety of fishing methods are allowed. The best way to fish the river is to float down it in a raft. This is also very enjoyable, though if you don’t want to fish the river while it’s crowded, it’s best to avoid summer weekends, when the river is most crowded with recreational rafters. There are also many camping locations along the river, and like with other popular fishing destinations in Utah, there are plenty of expert river and fishing guides you can hire to enhance your experience. Give Spinner Fall Guide Services a call. This fishing guide service has been around since 1986 and have long been trusted with “Utah fly fishing vacation dreams.” 

5. Mill Hollow Reservoir

One of Utah’s more untouched areas, the Uinta National Forest is also one of Utah’s prettiest. It feels more wild than other locations—a fact compounded by the fact that it isn’t very close to Utah’s major cities. There’s plenty of room for exploration within the forest, which features some of Utah’s highest elevations. And although there are plenty of lesser-known fishing spots in and near the Uinta Mountains, Mill Hollow Reservoir is easy to access, making it a good place to start. Technically a part of the Provo River’s drainage, the reservoir is man-made but the water itself is never used for anything but recreational purposes. With brook trout, rainbow trout, and tiger trout, odds are you won’t come home from this peaceful spot empty-handed.