5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Alabama

5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Alabama

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Alabama might not be known for its mountains, but the state still has plenty of spots for an epic rock climbing experience. No matter your skill level, Alabama offers some of the best rock climbing spots you can find. Plus, the views from the top will make every moment of your climb worthwhile. Gear up and head out for adventure at these five cool rocking climbing spots in Alabama. 

1. Sun Wall

Sun Wall features some of the highest rated climbing routes in the state—over 20 to choose from! The Dreamscape route offers its own set of challenges, and is a favorite among visitors. The majority of the routes here are sport, but there are a fair few trad climbs for those who like to fix their own anchors. Peak climbing season here is in April, with significantly fewer visitors during July and August (but be warned, the summer heat can be unforgiving). 

2. Harvest Wall

Harvest Wall is a prime trad destination for the not-so-beginners and not-quite-experts. Pass by White Wall and look for a column leaning against the main wall, and you’ll have found Harvest Wall. Climbers can choose from eight trad routes, some of which are among the tallest lines in the area. If you have to choose, opt for the Yum Yum Tree or Pumpkin Patch routes, both of which come highly recommended from local climbers.

3. Horse Pens 40

Touted as one of the best bouldering sites in the country, Horse Pens 40 is a private outdoor nature park situated on Chandler Mountain, one of the state’s highest mountains. Most frequently visited in November, guests can enjoy a less busy climb in late summer/early fall. The Stranger provides a fun problem that keeps you moving with relatively low difficulty. Overall, it’s a fun, unique, challenging spot that climbers of all experience levels will find pleasing.

4. Holiday Block

This massive freestanding rock formation combines some of the best sports and trad lines in the state. With over a dozen routes to choose from, climbers have shown particular appeal to Gravy Train, Pigs in Zen, and My Dog Has Fleas. Climbers of all skill levels will find something here to challenge their abilities. 

5. Rainbow Mountain

If you’re looking for an bouldering experience or quick climb in your free time, head to Rainbow Mountain. It’s full of easy climbs that are ideal for beginners. Best of all, it’s quiet, peaceful, and out of the way so you can enjoy your surroundings and focus on your climbing skills.

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