5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Florida

5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Florida

Greg Epperson/Shutterstock.com

You won’t find many mountains in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good rock climbing experience. If you know where to look, you’ll find that Florida offers several climbing spots that lets you enjoy some of the best sounds and scenery Florida has to offer. If you’re up for a little adventure well above sea level, you need to check out these five cool rock climbing spots in Florida. 

1. Court House Boulders

Florida isn’t exactly known for its crags and mountains—truthfully, it doesn’t really have any. Which is why Floridians had to get creative when crafting their rock climbing experiences. The rice cake-style Lawyer Up! boulder behind the Ft. Lauderdale courthouse is a favorite among Florida climbers. The boulder has a continual spotlight on it, which makes it ideal for a night climb.

2. Myakka State Park Boulder

Quite possibly the only freestanding boulder in the Sunshine State, climbers have touted the back side of this rock as the best problem in West Florida. Standing at just over nine feet-tall, it won’t take you long to reach the top. While you’re here, you can enjoy an airboat ride or nature walk through the breezy canopy.

3. Blowing Rocks Preserve

What Florida lacks in mountains it makes up for in limestone. Inside of this beautiful nature preserve you’ll find limestone cliffs that are begging for a climb. Be warned, though: You’ll want to start you climb quickly to avoid the crashing waves. You’ll also want to be prepared for some finger cuts, as many sections of the cliff have sharp holes and grips. It’s a small price to pay for the beautiful views that await you. The best time to climb here is during low tide, so check your calendar before you head out.

4. Egmont Key

If you’re looking for an all-day adventure, set your sights on Egmont Key. You’ll start your day with a boat or ferry ride to the island—it’s the only way. From there, you can enjoy the wildlife refuge and explore the ruins of the old fort—which is where your climbing journey begins. It’s an easy bouldering experience on this cluster of historical remnants. However, make sure you pack your own food and drinking water—there is none to be found on the island.

5. Wellington Village Park Boulder

Adjacent to the Wellington Skate Park, this man-made boulder sits in the midst of Village Park. Climbers have a few V2-V3 options and can make their way around the entire boulder. It’s not going to take up your entire day, but it’s a good climbing experience in a state that’s better known for its beaches and flatlands.

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