5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Georgia

5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Georgia


Given Georgia’s proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s no surprise the Peach State is one of the best spots in the nation to go rock climbing. Here you’ll find a variety of rocky canyons, cliffs, and mountainsides begging to be climbed. It also helps that the view from the top will make all the challenges of your climb worthwhile. Grab your gear and make your way to these five cool rock climbing spots in Georgia. 

1. Boat Rock

Who would have thought that one of the largest metros in the country could also harbor one of the best rock climbing destinations? It’s less busy from April through September, but it’s also noticeably warmer during this time. Here you’ll find more than a hundred defined routes that range from beginner’s best friend to master climber. Climbers can expect a combination of TR and trad routes, mostly V4-V5 with a fair amount of V1-V3’s sprinkled in. If you want to make the best use of your time, try the Dishes Left or Yellow Wall Arete.

2. Blood Mountain

If you want to take a hiking/climbing combination adventure, then Blood Mountain is your destination. The name alone is reason enough to visit, but it’s also a cool spot for bouldering for beginners. It’s a steep hike up the mountain, but there are plenty of hidden boulders just begging to be climbed. There’s also a beautiful view awaiting you at the top as a reward for your efforts. Park in the lot near the Mountain Crossings store along Hwy 19.

3. Currahee Mountain

Out of the way and simply beautiful, Currahee Mountain is a love-hate destination among climbers. For one thing, it’s off the beaten path, and the gravel road leading climbers to the starting line isn’t always in good repair. However, if you can make it past that, you’ll appreciate the good friction climbing that the area affords. There are 67 total climbing routes here, a combination of trad and sport. If you’re having a tough time choosing, Frictionary and Pigs on the Wing are always good bets.

4. Tallulah Gorge

You’ll want to come back to picturesque Tallulah Gorge over and over, even if it’s just to enjoy the scenery. This awesome trad climbing hot spot is not a place for beginners or casual climbers. It takes serious strength, courage, and skill to master the gorge, and will earn you a well-deserved notch in your belt once you conquer it. Avid climbers claim that the Flying Frog is a must-do route.

5. Rocktown

Just a stone’s throw to the Tennessee border, Rocktown features over 150 climbing routes to satisfy any climber’s skillset. Half trad, half top rope, the routes are typically not overcrowded, even during peak season, which makes this site one of Georgia’s best-kept rock climbing secrets. 

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