5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Indiana

5 Cool Rock Climbing Spots in Indiana


Although the opportunity for outdoor rock climbing isn’t as abundant as some other states, Indiana will equip you with all the skills and practice you’ll need with its indoor facilities. Whether you’re just a beginner learning the ropes, or you’re a seasoned climber looking to sharpen your skills, there’s a great spot in Indiana for you. For an excellent way to prepare for outdoor climbing, check out these five cool rock climbing spots in Indiana. 

1. EPIC Climbing and Fitness, Indianapolis, IN

EPIC Climbing and Fitness is Indianapolis’s premier indoor rock climbing facility. If you are completely new to climbing or want to brush up on your skills, the Intro to Climbing course is highly recommended. EPIC also offers a beginner course for women, taught by women. They also have private instruction classes. There are a variety of climbing options to choose from, and each one is an experience in itself. The staff is super friendly and patient, providing outstanding customer service each and every time you go!

2. Climb Lafayette, Lafayette, IN

Climb Lafayette is the city’s only indoor rock climbing gym. Their mission is simple: play safe, play smart, and above all, have fun while you are here! They are all about providing a friendly, supportive, nonjudgmental environment for those who love to rock climb and those who aren’t quite master climbers. Owners Kyle Batta and Kelly Dugger are as friendly as can be, as is the rest of their staff. At Climb Lafayette, there are three different options to choose from: bouldering (no rope or harness), Top Rope, and Auto Belay. Climb Lafayette is the place to go if you are looking to brush up on your skills.

3. Vertical Excape, Evansville,

Vertical Excape in southern Evansville, Indiana, is rock climbing at its finest. When you walk in the door, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered mountain country with their realistic rock walls. Vertical Excape has been in business since 1999, and has over 12,000 feet of textured climbing surfaces. Each one ranges in height, the tallest being 32 feet! There are over 40 climbing stations and because of its diversity, it attracts climbers of all levels. If you are a beginner, they offer beginner sessions to teach you the basics and safety, and an instructor will stay with you until you feel comfortable enough to be on your own.

4. Hoosier Heights Indianapolis, Carmel, IN

Hoosier Heights Indianapolis in Carmel, Indiana, is another great place to learn the art of rock climbing. There are many different climbing options to choose from, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Each area is a challenge in itself but with the help of their friendly and experienced staff, you’ll feel comfortable taking it on! Want to join a climbing league? They’ve got that, too. 

5. Climb Time Indy, Indianapolis, IN

Climb Time Indy is another great spot to build your rock climbing skills. They are focused on providing a safe environment where climbers can learn, build their skills, and have fun at the same time. There are a variety of different levels and routes to choose from, and what makes Climb Time Indy unique is that each week, the routes are changed so that there is always something new to climb and conquer. In total, there are 4,000 different routes, 30 rope areas, and over 8,000 square-feet of climbing space. There is also an area designed specifically for rappelling. Be sure to check them out today!