5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Illinois

5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Illinois

The Illinois off-roading scene is a burgeoning one, with several independent parks scattered throughout the state catering to ATVs, motocross, and other off-roading vehicles. Whether you prefer a long weekend camping on-site or a quick afternoon jaunt, one of the following five parks will have what you need. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders, look no further than the following five cool spots for ATV off-roading in Illinois. 

1. The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off Road Park, Marseilles, IL

The Cliffs in Marseilles, Illinois, offers 300 acres of “pure insane terrain” from April 1 to November 1, Monday-Friday. Day passes are available and range in price based on age and whether or not you’re riding or viewing. Consider the year pass for particularly enthusiastic riders. Feel free to peruse their many trails on your own, or join one of their Trouble Maker’s Adventure Tours, which will take you through the trails with a guide. 

2. Little Egypt Off Road, Marion, IL

Little Egypt Off Road in Marion, Illinois, is a private, family-friendly park covering 900 acres. Terrain ranges depending on the trail. Choose from over 50 miles of routes. Fees differ depending on age, how many passengers, and whether or not you’ve decided to camp for the night. Ride through forests, mud, creeks, and more.

3. Fox Valley Off Road, Ottawa, IL

Fox Valley Off Road near Ottawa, Illinois is situated on 100 acres of race-ready terrain. Become a member to participate in regular races, or simply stop by to enjoy the park without paying membership fees. Of course, fees apply per vehicle. Make sure to call or check their website if the weather is bad, because the park may close to prevent damage to vehicles. Kids can take advantage of the beginner track to learn the basics, whereas veterans are encouraged to try the trails or secondary track. 

4. Rocky Glen OHV, Rockford, IL

Rocky Glen OHV in Rockford, Illinois is one of the premier riding areas in the state. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, riders shred it up on long weekends starting Friday. Riders must wear safety gear and adhere to the rules of the park, available on their website. The site has miles of trails covering 120 acres with tracks for beginners, intermediate level riders, and advanced riders. Open terrain, as well as winding courses, are both on-site.  

5. Ki Tracks MX, Oregon, IL

While Ki Tracks is a motocross park, it is accessible to ATVs as well. Ki Tracks regularly hosts exciting events like races, but if you’re just looking to have a little fun on a nice day—this is your spot! Their main track is regularly watered and groomed. There is also a peewee track available for the little ones! If you get hungry, there are concessions on-site as well.

*Note: Age restrictions, special licenses, and other requirements for off highway vehicles vary from state to state. Before heading out on your OHV, please consult your local regulations.