5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Michigan

5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Michigan

Michigan has a long-standing reputation as the center of motoring in the United States, and with good reason. Michigan is pretty much where the car got started. Smaller motors, of course, took a major role in Michigan's overall economy and lifestyle as well. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a big deal around Michigan, and for families looking for a great ATV experience, there will be some great options here. Here are five cool spots to start your off-roading adventure in Michigan. 

1. Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville offers a wide variety of outdoor and indoor adventures for folks to enjoy, but ATV riding is one of the big draws. While drivers are required to have an operator's license, children as young as four can ride comfortably on the journey. Featuring a one-hour tour of Benzie County, the tours run daily and offer a look at all the great scenery the area has to offer. Those who want a little less structure can rent ATVs, double ATVs, and UTVs at varying rates for times ranging all the way up to eight hours.

2. Bundy Hill Offroad Recreation Co., Jerome, MI

Bundy Hill in Jerome makes it clear that it's a family-friendly park, though it reminds riders that they ride at their own risk. A privately-owned park that doesn't fall under Department of Natural Resources regulations, it offers trails, dunes, and gravel pits, which makes for a variety of conditions to ride. There are even specific rules for those bringing children to the park, which augments its family-friendly nature.

3. Wolf Lake Motel and Resort, Baldwin, MI

Baldwin's Wolf Lake Motel and Resort offers the complete package, which makes it an excellent option for families. Start with a location in the midst of the Manistee National Forest, and one that's home to 156 lakes and 46 trout streams, and you'll have options aplenty. But you came here for the ATV experience, and you'll actually be able to ride those ATVs—along with dirt bikes and even snowmobiles in the right weather—right up to your room. With over 300 miles of ORV and ATV trails to experience, there will be no end to the options awaiting at Wolf Lake.

4. Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort, Germfask, MI

Try out Sleepy Eyed Goose Resort for plenty of ATV and ORV action! Not only can visitors drive around the trails, but it's actually possible to drive said ATVs into the town itself, reports note, where a variety of dining and shopping experiences are all on hand. Throw in the trails in the surrounding area, as well as a slate of ATV-specific amenities like a power washing system to clean the mud and dust off that ATV when you're done with the ride, and the whole experience comes together quite well.

5. Beaver Trail Campground, West Branch, MI

Beaver Trail Campground in West Branch offers miles of ATV trails to enjoy, that double handily act as snowmobile trails in the winter. Whether you're looking for some calm, quiet camping fun broken up by ATV riding or the opportunity to do a whole lot of riding capped off with hot dogs and s’mores at a campfire before bed, you'll have the full range of opportunities. Throw in an array of additional options, including a nature center, an all-sport lake, or even a slate of golf courses on hand, and the ATV fan is sure to not only get a fill of riding, but a host of other activities to enjoy.

*Note: Age restrictions, special licenses, and other requirements for off highway vehicles vary from state to state. Before heading out on your OHV, please consult your local regulations.