5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Texas

5 Cool Spots for ATV Off-Roading in Texas

With more stability, but the same open-air adventure of a motorcycle, ATV off-roading is a thrill-seeker’s dream. In Texas, just as with everything else, we do things big! When it comes to ATV adventure parks and farms, you’re going to find massive expanses of land to really make the most out of your ride. Strap on your helmet and check out these five cool spots for off-roading in the state. 

1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Marble Falls, TX

When a place is deemed “the best ATV park in Texas,” you take notice! Featuring not only ATV trails, but also 4x4 and motorcycle trails, this park's got pretty much all the outdoor adventure you’ll need. Throw in camping facilities and accommodation not only for multiple vehicles but also multiple levels of skill, and the result is a great time.

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2. Brushy Creek Motor Farm, Royse City, TX

Brushy Creek Motor Farm offers something for everyone with its years of experience. Featuring several different tracks for several different breeds of rider, Brushy Creek will offer up a wide variety of experiences and give just about everybody something new and unusual to try out. With more than eight miles of trails over 100 acres and a motocross track thrown in, you have a recipe for a really good time. Terrain options range from open fields to mud holes. 

3. Buffalo Springs Lake OHV Area

With a long run of trails to follow and a good variety of conditions, Buffalo Springs boasts a top-notch off-roading area. The trails are mostly hard pack, but look for loose dirt, mud, and even a few small jumps. Since it's also in the general area of a lake, there are plenty of swimming opportunities and camping to engage in as well. This is an excellent destination for anyone looking to spend a couple days.

4. Alligator Run Offroad Park, Easton, TX

Said to be the largest ATV and off-road park in all of Texas, Easton’s Alligator Run will make a significant case for its primacy by its sheer range of options. With hill climbs and creeks running through the park, along with dry scenic trails, there will be challenge for just about every level of rider. Throw in mud pits, drag runs, and a complete camping area with hot showers—there's even an obstacle course—and the result is a good time for most everyone. There are even special events throughout the year for that extra bit of variety.

5. Outback Adventure Track, Stanton, TX

If it's got wheels, bring it outback. That's the philosophy that guides Stanton's Outback Adventure Track. They've got space for most every kind of ATV, including four and three-wheelers, even monster trucks! With a dry lake bed as its backdrop, there's a lot to like here, starting with the Baja Roja Trail, which runs a whopping 10 miles.