5 Excellent Places for Beginners to Kayak in North Carolina

5 Excellent Places for Beginners to Kayak in North Carolina

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Experience the great outdoors from the ideal vantage point: On top of a kayak. Kayaking is easily one of the most enjoyable activities to take up with the number of beautiful rivers and lakes in North Carolina. And with that, there’s numerous opportunities for amateur paddlers to get learning and get started. It’s recommended you bring a guide along or take a few lessons before heading out, if you’re feeling uncertain about your skills. Here are five excellent places to get that experience you’re looking for. 

1. Dan River, Madison, NC

Get ready to traverse Dan River and take in the stunning sights of rich woodlands, various fields, cliffs and flora. With a gentle flow, the river offers the amenities and easy ride that beginners are looking for. Depending on how many miles you wish to travel, there are different routes available for beginners. The shortest route, from Hamilton Street to Eden Boat Landing, is a total of one and a half miles and takes approximately an hour to travel. 

2. Catawba River

Catawba River, located on the west side of North Carolina, is over 200 miles in total. The river has breathtaking views of wildlife, water, and, woods all around. The calm portions of the Catawba are ideal for beginning kayakers. There is plenty of space in the water to take a trip and make a few memories. 

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3. River Road Park, Wilmington, NC

Well-maintained, River Road Park is the destination for kayaking and taking in nature. The launch area is on the park, so it is also a wonderful place to picnic, fish, or take a walk around. While kayaking, you can stumble upon the hidden gem known as “Shark’s Tooth Island” with a 10-minute or so paddle. If attending during low tide, it is possible to search for shark’s teeth.  

4. Lumber River State Park, Orrum, NC

The Lumber River State Park of eastern North Carolina has “24 possible float trips identified” along the 133-mile river that allows kayakers to explore from one hour to half the day. Kayaking down the river, you will have the experience of viewing the woodlands, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Along with kayaking, the family can walk trails, bike ride, picnic in the designated picnic areas, or even camp. 

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5. Pungo River

The water on Pungo River is smooth, and flows through the town of Belhaven, North Carolina, before joining the Pamlico River. There is also a 21-mile canal linking the river with Alligator River. If you’re seeking a relaxed, sight-filled adventure with your family, Pungo River should be where you put your paddle in the water.