5 Exhilarating Jet Skiing Spots in Iowa

5 Exhilarating Jet Skiing Spots in Iowa


Some say happiness comes from the simple things in life, and those that have ridden on a jet ski can understand that statement. Rippling along the water, jet skis enable a sense of freedom as the water sprays out around the vessel, letting all your stresses and worries disappear into the wake behind you. If you happen to be in the state of Iowa, this sense of freedom is not hard to find. Stretching from the Great Lakes near the western border to the impressive Rathbun Lake in southern Iowa, there are enough opportunities to hop on a jet ski in Iowa to really make the most out of the summer season. Check out these five great jet skiing spots in the state.  

1. Fillenwarth Beach on West Lake Okoboji

With over 90 years of providing Lake Okoboji excitement, the multi-generational Fillenwarth Beach Resort has long since perfected the Okoboji vacation. At this exciting beach resort, you can find everything you need to enjoy yourself, including spacious accommodations, perfect sunsets, and multiple docks and beaches to moor your jet ski. Lending access to all the waters of Lake Okoboji, the Fillenwarth Beach Resort is a perfect accompaniment to your jet ski outing. Once you are done making waves, this long-standing resort can provide supreme relaxation. 

2. Saylorville Lake

Serving as the premier gathering location on Saylorville Lake, the Saylorville Lake Marina provides plenty of places to moor your jet ski, a floating restaurant and even an opportunity to rent your own waverunner. Despite all these great amenities of the Saylorville Lake Marina, the lake is still the top attraction, and you’ll see why as you rev your jet ski across this beautiful, scenic lake. 

3. City Beach Park

While no overnight or all-day mooring is available at City Beach Park, it serves as the perfect place to either drop your jet ski into Clear Lake, or park it for a short while to grab lunch or stroll the shopping opportunities of the Clear Lake community. The waters of Clear Lake are perfect to explore and can fill the entire day with excitement. Whether it’s for a quick ride after work, or an entire day on the water, the water access from City Beach Park makes it an ideal place to bring your jet ski throughout the summer. 

4. Lake Red Rock

With over 15,000 acres of water, Lake Red Rock isn’t only Iowa’s biggest lake, it’s one of the top recreation destinations in the state. On any given weekend in the summer, you can find all sorts of activity happening inside and out of the water, including jet skis zipping, canoes paddling, and hikers exploring the trails. Suntex Watersports offers rentals at Red Rock Marina, in case you don’t have your own jet ski. If you want a lot of room to create some waves, Lake Red Rock is for you, and if you want to see some of the most stunning sunsets in the state of Iowa, you’ll be sure to find that there too. 

5. Honey Creek Resort State Park

State owned and operated, Honey Creek Resort State Park is situated alongside the shores of Rathbun Lake, providing the perfect opportunity to hop on your jet ski among the many other attractions of this first-class lake resort. Even if you don’t have your own, Honey Creek Resort has seasonal jet ski rentals, and even if you don’t want to ride, there is still plenty to check out on the lake and around. Water trampolines and paddle boats are all included with a stay at Honey Creek Resort, as is access to miles and miles of biking and hiking trails, making Honey Creek Resort the perfect spot for any recreationist in your family.