5 Exhilarating Jet Skiing Spots in Michigan

5 Exhilarating Jet Skiing Spots in Michigan

Sergey Sukhorukov/Shutterstock.com

The jet ski is perhaps the ultimate assertion of speed and water fun in Michigan. With so much water readily available, there's no shortage of places around to hit the water and enjoy the exhilaration of jet skis. Some places are better than others, of course, so it's worth doing some advance research to see which places are the best for the run. So, fill up your gas cans, hitch up your trailer, and get ready for some excitement on the water with five great places for jet skiing in Michigan!

1. Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake, a little north of the middle of Michigan, represents the largest inland lake in Michigan at last report. In a state famous for its lakes, that's saying something—it's been estimated that a 20-30 mph cruise would take better than two hours to completely navigate the lake. Houghton Lake will offer plenty of room for cruising at good speeds, and the lake is almost never smooth except for the calmest days. So you’re in for an exciting ride! 

2. Lake Charlevoix

The third largest lake in Michigan, which has been called the second-best lake in the United States according to USA Today, offers some terrific options in jet skiing. Coming in second only to Lake Tahoe, Lake Charlevoix offers “...several small, tourist-adored towns” along with “...some of the world's finest sunsets, beaches, boating and gastronomy.” Sounds impressive, but reports from jet skiers in the area suggest Lake Charlevoix will offer opportunities for experienced riders to “catch some nice air.” With several boat launches and large boats putting out impressive wakes, a day of fun is right at your fingertips.   

3. Burt Lake

Burt Lake near Cheboygan is said to offer some excellent opportunities for jet skiing. It stays comparatively warm throughout the summer, reports note, and scarab beetles are a routine presence on the lake. The presence of scarabs has likely perked up some jet skier ears, as these bugs commonly mean big wakes and big waves. With very little in the way of obstructions—much of the lake is deep except for sandbars—and very few days in which the lake stays smooth, it’s no surprise Burt Lake is a well-loved destination for riders. 

4. Cass Lake

Cass Lake in Oakland County is actually part of a closely-connected range of lakes. Affording two square-miles of surface area, it also immediately connects to the Clinton River, to nearby Loon Lake which is upstream, and downstream is Sylvan Lake. Elizabeth Lake also connects to Cass Lake, which means Cass Lake can be an effective destination by virtue of its sheer variety. One truly unusual feature distinguishes this lake from many others: there's an in-water gas station on hand that allows for rapid refueling even in the middle of a session on the water. The roughness of the water varies, so check out what the conditions are like before you head out!  

5. Long Lake

Kalamazoo County’s Long Lake is a popular jet skiing destination, making it a highly-populated area on beautiful days. Thanks to its solid conditions and comparative excellence in the immediate area, plan to show up early to this spot if you’re looking for a fun-filled day on the water. There are no refueling capabilities in the area so riders, come prepared! Every moment on the glistening waters of this 575-acre lake will be a special one.