5 Gorgeous Beach Campsites in Arizona

5 Gorgeous Beach Campsites in Arizona

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Sit back and relax because it’s camping season. Arizona is home to some spectacular camping opportunities from the thick northern forests to the sprawling southern desert. Those camping sites are great, but they lack one crucial element of the camping experience –water. Fortunately, the following beach campsites offer both beautiful scenery and refreshing lakes and rivers. Here are some of the most beautiful beach camping areas in Arizona. 

1. Willow Beach Marina & Campground

Willow Beach has a little something for everyone. This northern Arizona campground is located on the Colorado River. It’s part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and is home to over 200 miles of pristine shoreline. During the day, it’s filled with endless opportunities for fun in the water. There are many boats, canoes, and kayaks at your disposal through the Willow Beach Marina. You can also take a visit to the Trout Hatchery for a relaxing day of fishing. At night, you can enjoy the RV and tent campgrounds located lakeside. Looking to extend your trip? You’re in luck. Willow Beach is located only one hour south of Las Vegas.

2. Cattail Cove State Park

You won’t have to worry about finding a spot at Cattail Cove Campground. This state park is home to over 60 campsites and 2,000 acres of land. That’s not to say you’ll feel lonely during your trip. Cattail Cove is a consistently popular getaway spot for Valley residents. It’s located on the legendary Lake Havasu, a notorious party spot for Arizona locals. You can fill your day with boating, jet skiing, or exploring this reservoir of the Colorado River. In addition to their traditional campsites, Cattail Cove has 32 boat-in campsites located along the shoreline of Lake Havasu.

3. Lake Havasu State Park

Cattail Cove’s not the only good camping spot in Lake Havasu. Lake Havasu State Park is home to plenty of quality campgrounds right next door to Cattail Cove. The best campground is located near the popular London Bridge, which famously includes parts of a 19th century bridge from the River Thames. The campgrounds include docking stations for boats in addition to boat and jet ski rental opportunities. You can also enjoy many desert wildlife-watching opportunities, as the area is home to quail, red tail hawks, and even coyotes.

4. Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

If you’re looking for a classic camping experience, look no further than Fool Hollow. This northern Arizona State Park is home to gorgeous mountain views, thick forests, and a sprawling 150-acre lake. The lake is also home to several fishing platforms, which are home to a healthy amount of rainbow trout as well as wildlife. Campers can also enjoy the many boating, kayaking, and canoeing opportunities at the lake during the summer months. Fool Hollow has over 130 campsites, including 92 RV sites and 31 non-hookup spots.

5. Patagonia Lake State Park

Nogales isn’t typically known for camping. It’s regarded as a border town and many people’s last stops before entering Mexico. But Nogales is also home to Patagonia Lake State Park. It’s a hidden gem deep in southern Arizona that’s home to a 250-acre lake. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the wide-open land, endless wildlife viewing opportunities, and surrounding hiking trails. The lake is also home to some of the only boating, fishing, and watersport activities in southeastern Arizona. Patagonia has over 100 campsites and 12 boat-in campsites each with picnic tables and fire-rings.