5 Great Hiking Trails in Alabama

5 Great Hiking Trails in Alabama

The sun is out and nature is waiting for you to get out and explore with the whole family. Soak in the elegant wonders of Alabama the Beautiful by hiking and strolling among the trees. These trails are some of the most scenic sites in the state and are conducive to kids of all ages! 

1. Cheaha State Park, Delta, AL

For a view that is straight out of a painting, visit the boardwalk trail at Cheaha State Park. Centered in Talladega’s natural beauty and forestry, the short trail leads you to Bald Rock Outlook. The spectacular vista is a panorama worth viewing, and is accessible to the younger children in your family.

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2. Bucca Family Trail at Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL

If you love the mountains, then you will love the Bucca Family Trail at Monte Sano State Park. The trail is an easy stroll among the greenery of Monte Sano and, in the spring season, leads you along a path of elegant wild azaleas. If you have older kids and are up for more of a challenge, the trail connects to the Plateau Loop Trail leading to the gorgeous view at O’Shaughnessy Point. 

3. Lakeside Trail at Lake Lurleen State Park, Tuscaloosa, AL

If you’re a family that loves all things water, visit the Lakeside Trail at Lake Lurleen State Park. The scenic lake views are perfect for picnicking, and there are even spots to cast your fishing rod. You’ll enjoy the serenity of the clear waters, while your kids will love keeping an eye out for the catfish, bream, and bass that live in the waters.

4. Dismals Canyon

If you’re on your way to Memphis for a family getaway, Dismals Canyon is the perfect spot to get out of the car and stretch your legs. At some points, Dismals Canyon can be an easy hike that will take you to a wondrous world of endless greens and hidden creeks. The haunting conservatory will enchant you and your family, and will have you longing to wander back through the rows of emerald trees year after year.

5. Buck’s Pocket State Park, Grove Oak, AL

For an educational hike on historic lands, bring the family to Buck’s Pocket State Park and walk in the lands once occupied by the Cherokee and French settlers in the 1700s, and eventually the logging community in the 1940s. Explore scenic routes that, at some points, overlook the magnificent canyon. This trail is a little more difficult, but still possible for kids. Buck’s Pocket will be a beautiful site they will never forget.