5 Great Hiking Trails in Georgia

5 Great Hiking Trails in Georgia

Georgia has no shortage of natural beauty. The Peach State is home to the Blue Ridge Mountains, which cover the northern part of the state. The Piedmont extends from the mountains through the center of the state. Whether you’re in the north, south, east or west, Georgia’s hiking trails provide wonderful opportunities to get out into nature and escape. Below you’ll find five of the greatest hiking trails throughout Georgia! 

1. Woody Gap Trailhead at Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

The Woody Gap Trailhead is located in the beautiful Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest right along Suches, Georgia. The site is known for its panoramic, awe-inspiring views of the North Georgia Mountains, as well as access to the Appalachian Trail. The Woody Gap Trailhead offers several route options, including a path to Jarrad Gap and Neel’s Gap, among others, along the Appalachian Trail. Terrain and distance vary depending on the destination, but even the entrance is an incredible sightseeing spot, and worth the trip alone.

2. Trails at Tallulah Gorge

Various trails cut through the Tallulah Gorge State Park, including the Gorge Floor Trail, Stoneplace Trail, North and South Rim Trails, Hurricane Falls Loop Trail, High Bluff Trail, and Shortline Trail, each with their own terrain, elevation, distance, and difficulty. The Gorge Floor Trail, for example, is open to hikers with a permit, and is comprised solely of rocks and boulders. The High Bluff Trail, four miles of compacted red dirt, is a more moderate path, whereas the Shortline Trail is three miles of paved, easy hiking.

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3. F.D. Roosevelt State Park

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park is Georgia’s largest state park, covering over 9,000 acres and offering more than 40 trail miles. Named for the 32nd President of the United States, the F.D. Roosevelt State Park includes a life-size sculpture of the president at Dowdell’s Knob, one of FDR’s favorite locations. Throughout the park, one might choose to hike the Dowdell’s Knob Trail, which is just over a mile each way, the Mountain Creek Trail, which is just over three miles, or take any number of routes through the Pine Mountain Trail, comprised of over 27 miles total. Less experienced hikers might try the Mountain Creek Nature Trail, covering just over three miles and cutting through plant habitats.

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4. Hemlock Falls Trail

For an immaculate view of some beautiful falls, trek the two-mile Hemlock Falls Trail at Lake Burton. The grand finale of this North Georgia hike is the stunning Hemlock Falls that tumble over into glistening, crystal clear waters. This trail is relatively easy because of its length but watch out for tree roots and some rocky areas. Keep the little ones close by. 

5. Anna Ruby Falls at Unicoi State Park

Another falls trail, Anna Ruby Falls offers up breathtaking views. To access this area, there is a small fee of $3 per person, but kids under 16 are free. To get to the falls, all you have to do is walk a half-mile paved trail that leads guests to viewing decks. This is the perfect hike for little kids because it brings them closer to nature without being too strenuous.