5 Great Hiking Trails in North Carolina

5 Great Hiking Trails in North Carolina

Venture into North Carolina wilderness through the state’s many easily accessible and family-friendly hiking trails. Explore trails decorated with breathtaking wildflowers or immerse yourself in charming forests. Whatever your preference, these 5 great hiking trails are suited for all ages and all skill levels. 

1. Raven Rock Loop Trail, Lillington, NC

Raven Rock Loop Trail is roughly 2.5 miles. This trail is friendly for children, bike riding, dogs on leashes, hiking, and running all year round. Raven Rock offers views of the forest and wildlife, and even boasts a beautiful waterfall. The trail is relatively easy, perfect for a family outing. 

2. Linville Falls Trail

Linville Falls Trail of Linville Gorge Wilderness is in western North Carolina. A little over two miles round trip, this trail offers a moderately easy course that is great for bird watching, hiking, and walking. Since the trail is shorter in length and not too rough, it is very child friendly. Linville Falls Trail offers visitors with a great view of the forest, wild flowers, a waterfall, and the wildlife. 

3. Little Bradley Falls Trail

Little Bradley Falls Trail is located near Saluda, North Carolina. The roughly two-mile trail is well suited for children and dogs. Little Bradley is a beautiful route featuring a river, waterfall, forest, and various plant and animal life. Commonly used, the trail serves many uses: birdwatching, hiking, running and walking. 

4. Triple Falls Trail

The unique trail of three waterfalls is a part of DuPont State Forest and consists of 2.3 miles. Not only is the trail child and dog-friendly, but it offers many different activities the whole family can enjoy including birdwatching, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. 

5. Chimney Rock Park Trails

The trails of Chimney Rock Park are wildly popular for both inexperienced and veteran hikers, alike. The Great Woodland Adventure trail is perfect for beginners and kid-friendly. The trail, which is just over a half mile, has 12 “Discovery Stations” where “woodland creatures take the spotlight,” according to the park’s website. Here, children can spot chipmunks, salamanders, owls, and more.