5 Great Paddleboarding Spots in Idaho

5 Great Paddleboarding Spots in Idaho

Annette Shaff /Shutterstock.com

Paddleboarding is an excellent way to explore the water and work on your core strength. Whether you prefer paddling on lakes, reservoirs, or rivers, Idaho has the perfect spot for your paddleboarding adventure. Below you’ll find five of the greatest spots in the Whitewater State to get up on a board.

1. The Salmon River, Salmon, ID

The Salmon River, also known as “The River of No Return,” is a 425-mile long river that snakes its way through Central Idaho. The river has various degrees of difficulty, but most of it is great for paddleboarding. OARS offers stand-up paddleboarding experience trips and beginner schools for those new to the sport.

2. Sawtooth National Recreation Area

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area near Stanley, Idaho, consists of over 750,000 acres, with 700 miles of trails, 300 mountains, and, of course, water. Three-hundred lakes exist in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, providing a vast array of options to get on a board. Stop by the nearby Sawtooth Adventure for board rentals, purchases, and lessons.

3. Kelly’s Whitewater Park, Cascade, ID

Kelly’s Whitewater Park is one of the premier whitewater parks in the country, having hosted two National Kayak Championships since opening seven years ago. While Kelly’s offers kayaking, river surfing, and tubing, paddleboarders are also staking claim to part of the park. Kelly’s Academy offers lessons for children to learn the various watersports offered at the park, taught by trained professionals, for free.

4. Boise River City Stretch, Boise, ID

Idaho River Sports has been cultivating water sports, particularly paddling, for over 30 years. One of their recommended sights is the Boise River City Stretch. You can rent boards from Idaho River Sports. It’s suggested you start either in the morning or early afternoon if you’re looking for a quiet time to get out on the water. Later afternoons and evenings can get crowded.

5. Payette River

Orange Torpedo offers more structured, instructional trips to the Payette River near Banks, Idaho. Sign up for a one-day guided trip. Choose from kayaking, whitewafter rafting, and stand-up paddleboarding. Make sure to check their website and call ahead to make a reservation and find out which trips are currently being offered.