5 Great Paddleboarding Spots in Nebraska

By Katie Griffing

5 Great Paddleboarding Spots in Nebraska


There’s nothing like waking up early and getting out on the water when the weather is nice. No matter where you go in Nebraska, there are plenty of places to be surrounded by nature and enjoy some excellent paddleboarding. Here are five great paddleboarding spots in Nebraska to add to your list!

1. Lake Cunningham, Omaha, NE

Cunningham Lake in Omaha is a paddleboarder’s paradise. If you’re a beginner, stop into the Neighborhood Offshore to take paddleboarding classes or try paddleboard yoga for a relaxing afternoon on the water. 

2. Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, NE

If you’re looking to cool off and enjoy the sunshine, head out to Standing Bear Lake for some paddleboarding fun. This lake is smaller than many of the other paddleboarding spots in Nebraska so it stays calmer, even with high winds. There are also plenty of coves and backwaters to explore.

3. Zorinsky Lake, Omaha, NE

Zorinsky Lake is another favorite spot for paddleboarders because of its awesome backwater channel for exploring the forest. It’s not uncommon to spot deer and birds while paddleboarding on Zorinsky and even though it can be windy at times, it’s still a top choice for paddleboarders in the state. 

4. Lake Manawa

One of the closest lakes to Omaha, Lake Manawa is another great spot with no-wake areas for paddleboarders to enjoy. Start your day early out on the water and paddle your way around this beautiful lake that attracts visitors year-round from both Nebraska and Iowa.

5. Branched Oak Marina, Raymond, NE

As the largest boating lake in the Eastern half of Nebraska, Branched Oak Marina offers plenty of options for recreational activities, including paddleboarding and rentals if needed. Covering nearly 1,800 acres, there are plenty of no-wake spots to get up on your board, catch some rays, and enjoy the summertime.

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