5 Stunning Foliage Hikes in Arkansas

By Kerrie Johnston

5 Stunning Foliage Hikes in Arkansas

The Natural State puts on a special show of color come autumn. To fully experience the beauty of these painted landscapes with palettes of orange, red, and yellow, strap on your hiking boots and head outdoors. Enjoy the rainbow of ever-changing leaves on these five stunning hikes in Arkansas.

1. Whitaker Point Trail

This popular trail is known by two different names: Hawksbill Crag Trail and Whitaker Point Trail. Despite the name you call this stunning trail, it is a great hike for everyone and ends at one of the most photographed points in Arkansas. Hawks Bill Crag stretches hundreds of feet tall and has long-served as an amazing spot to explore. The trail itself is decorated with the natural beauty of the Ozarks. From forest to wildflower, your eyes will feast on the rich, wonderful colors that Arkansas is famous for.

2. Lost Valley Trail

Perhaps one of the most well-known hiking trails in the state of Arkansas, there is never a bad time to hike Lost Valley. Wildflower and medicinal plant folklore enthusiasts greatly enjoy this trail as it features a wide variety of species, including crested iris and Ozark trillium. The waterfalls in Lost Valley run best after a rain, but it’s as beautiful in the cooler months as it is in the spring.

3. White Rock Mountain

You’ll experience nature and adventure at historic White Rock Mountain, in the Ozark National Forest. This majestic mountain stretches 2,260-feet above sea level, providing visitors with breathtaking scenic views. White Rock is a center for multiple national forest hiking trail systems, including the 1.5-mile loop around the rim of the mountaintop.  

4. Ouachita National Recreational Trail

Spanning 192 miles, the Ouachita National Recreational Trail is the longest trail in the Ouachita National Forest. Elevations on this trail range from 600 to 2,600 feet as it passes through forested mountains, valleys, and clear-running streams. 

5. Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is loop trail near Bella Vista. Best used from April until November, this dog-friendly trail features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels.

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