5 Stunning Foliage Hikes in Wisconsin

By Rachel Smith

5 Stunning Foliage Hikes in Wisconsin

Fall is by far Wisconsin’s most beautiful season. The weather is perfect and the foliage is at its most gorgeous state. It’s the perfect time to head outside and get the blood pumping on a hike. Here are some of the most stunning foliage hikes Wisconsin. 

1. Sentinel Trail at Peninsula State Park

The Sentinel Trail at the Peninsula State Park is the perfect two-mile loop.  You’ll find maple, beech, and red pine trees along the trail loop. This trail offers breathtaking views inside one of Wisconsin’s favorite natural spots. We recommend taking your hike at sunset for even more stunning views. 

2. Bearskin State Trail

The entire Bearskin State Trail runs 18 miles-long through three different communities in Northern Wisconsin. If you don’t want to commit to its 18-mile length there are tons of areas that are great to shorten your trek. While on the trail, you will stroll along a few different bridges across Minocqua’s chain of lakes. Catch beautiful sunsets sneaking between the tree-lined trail. We recommend coming during the fall months for some of Wisconsin’s most beautiful shades of autumn.  

3. East Bluff Trail at Devil’s Lake State Park

There are tons of hiking trails within Devil’s Lake State Park. We recommend the East Bluff Trail at Devil’s Lake for some of the best seasonal foliage. The hike itself is a moderate feat at about 1.7 miles in length and will take you 45-90 minutes to complete. You’ll find inspiring views of Devil’s Lake, along with its most prized views of hardwood forest landscape. 

4. Perrot Ridge Trail at Perrot State Park

If you are looking for more of a difficult hiking trail, but don’t want to sacrifice the beautiful views—try the Perrot Ridge Trail. Located in Perrot State Park, this 1.5-mile-long trail has beautiful views of Trempealeau Bay.  Heavy foliage of wildflowers and trees fill the steep trail that makes Perrot Ridge Trail.

5. Rib Mountain State Park

Rib Mountain State Park is best experienced in the fall, when the vibrant colors of autumn bring the trees to life. For an easier hike, try the Blue Trail. Along the way, hikers will be afforded views of striking rock formations. There is also asphalt along the trail, making it less labor-intensive. 

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