7 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Nebraska

7 Best Bait and Tackle Shops in Nebraska

The best part about visiting local bait and tackle shops is that they are almost always located near the lakes and rivers where you’re planning your catch. Therefore, everyone behind the counter knows exactly what will work best for the fish you’re after and they can offer anything else you might need for a successful catch. Here are the eight best bait and tackle shops in Nebraska.

1. Wolf Tackle Shop, Lincoln, NE

Wolf Tackle Shop in Lincoln has been around since 1985 and carries a huge selection of lures, bait, and tackle. The staff is incredibly helpful when it comes to selecting the best gear and baits to snag that big catch!


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2. Grove Lake Bait Shop, Royal, NE

Grove Lake Bait Shop in Royal is a one-stop shop for all of your fishing supplies. Live bait, ice, snacks, as well as fishing licenses can all be picked up here before you head out on the water.

3. Dry Dock Bait Shop, Minatare, NE

Dry Dock Bait Shop is located near Lake Minatare and run by the “bait shop ladies.” They sell a variety of bait and tackle for recreationists who need supplies and campers who are spending the whole weekend fishing nearby.

4. Outdoors Unlimited, Norfolk, NE

Stop in to Outdoors Unlimited in Norfolk for live bait, such as minnows and nightcrawlers. Keep your ears open as you may also pick up some fishing secrets from the experts! 

5. Stetson Corner Store, Lemoyne, NE

Stetson Corner Store in Lemoyne carries all of your bait and tackle needs and prides itself on having fresh live bait as well. This is a must-visit before your next fishing trip to pick up not only fishing supplies but also clothing, towels, camping gear, and much more.

6. Geno's Minno Mart, Columbus, NE

Geno’s Minno Mart in Columbus specializes in live bait and everything you need for a great day fishing! The knowledgeable staff will help you pick out the most suitable bait for the different fish in nearby waters. 

7. Joey's Bait & Supplies, Omaha, NE

Joey’s Bait & Supplies in Omaha carries high-quality outdoor gear as well as live bait and fishing supplies. Find all you’ll need and more at this awesome, local shop.