8 Things To Know About Hunting at Night

8 Things To Know About Hunting at Night

Most people who have considered or even tried hunting have done it in broad daylight. But what would happen if you hunt at night? Is it even possible? Night hunting certainly is possible and has its advantages. But it has to be done correctly at the risk of angering yourself and possibly others.

Since night hunting is becoming more and more popular every year it’s worth going into the in’s and out’s whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Here are 10 things you need to know about night hunting!

Appreciate the Differences

Night hunting is certainly its own sport and it has increased in popularity over the years despite the obvious drawbacks. Those drawbacks can be accounted for with the right equipment and preparation. Just remember that safety is the biggest concern at night so ensuring that you follow state regulations and hunt in a safe manner you are good to go!

1. Know Your States/Town Laws

Not every state or even town or district is going to have the same laws for specific areas about night hunting. This is the absolute first thing you need to check before going anywhere. Not only should you be paying attention to where you are hunting but you definitely need to be aware of what is allowed to be hunted. Nuisance animals are typically considered fair game which is hogs, raccoons, etc. Being ignorant of the laws of your area will not excuse you from getting in trouble.

2. Use Thermal Vision or Night Vision

This one seems a little obvious. You can’t shoot at what you can’t see and if you do so anyways this is incredibly unsafe for you and all of your surroundings. Choosing quality gear is a must because if your vision is blurry this is just as bad as not having any vision at night at all anyways. Thermal vision allows you to see animals and humans that produce body heat whereas night vision works on different lighting specs to see better in the dark.

Something like the TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for Glock Pistols allows you to see both at night and during the day to help you focus and see your target more clearly.

3. You Can Use A Light

If thermal vision or night-vision cameras and hunting tools tend to be a little too pricey for you technically speaking you can use just regular light to help you see. But you don’t want to go ahead and shine bright white lights. Animals see light much differently than humans do which is why many hunters have learned that using red lights or green lights has actually been more helpful.

4. Use Traill Cameras and Game Feeders

These two tools make hunting at night a whole lot easier. When you set up a game feeder in a high-traffic area you can have deer or other game come around at night when they are hungry. While this happens turn on your trail camera to monitor their behavior and start strategizing with your hunting plan. Pairing these two tools up with other nighttime hunting tools will make for the perfect strategy.

5. Can You Use Any Hunting Guns?

While you can use any hunting gun there are some models that are preferred because of their easy accessibility to add on tools that make it easier to hunt at night. For instance. Many night hunters prefer some type of rifle because of how many tools it can accommodate. While you can use anything just keep in mind you need to eliminate the darkness by adding light or night vision.

6. There is A Lot More Activity

Something that may come as a surprise to you is that there is a lot more activity at night than there during the day. It can almost feel a little overwhelming while being able to hear all the sounds moving at night that you may not during the day. This is also why hunting at night has become a lot more popular. Not everyone is out in hiding.

7. Consider Animal Eyesight

Animals have a lot better eyesight typically at night than they do during the daytime. So there is a good chance even with your night vision or lights that the animals can see you a lot better than you can see them. This is why you want to really make sure you have a good out-of-sight hiding spot so that you don’t scare away your game in plain sight.

8. Sound Baiting is More Fun by Mouth

Seasoned hunters will be familiar with baiting by sound to mimic animals that will attract game. There are two types of ways to do this. You can do it by mouth or use a digital voice. While technology has certainly aided in this regard most hunters like the skill and practice it takes to do it by mouth. This can be another useful tool regardless of which way you spin it for night hunting.