9 Best Archery Outfitters in Utah

9 Best Archery Outfitters in Utah

Archery has a dedicated and passionate community all across the United States, and Utah is no exception. But if you’re looking for a new bow, or to get some repairs and tune-ups, you’ll need to find a trustworthy archery outfitter. From Orem to Draper, you’ll find outdoor stores and shops ready to provide you with top-notch service. Here are the best archery outfitters in Utah. 

1. Jake’s Archery, Orem, UT

Jake’s Archery prides itself on a long tradition of supplying Utahans with their archery needs. Selling bows, bow accessories (such as cases and strings), various targets, arrows, shooting gear, apparel, hunting tools, and training equipment, Jake’s Archery has over 9,000 products in its local warehouse. And if you’re looking for a gift for your favorite archer, the store even sells camo, sheepskin slippers. 

2. Humphries Archery, Multiple locations

With three locations in Utah (American Fork, Salt Lake City, and Payson), Humphries Archery has grown to be one of the state’s most popular archery shops. Its stores are full service pro-shops and all of them boast of different features and services, including a full shooting range, a youth range, a Techno Hunt, merit badge classes, and rentable facilities for family or company parties. 

3. Wilde Arrow Archery, Centerville, UT

Just like Jake’s Archery and Humphries Archery, Wilde Arrow Archery sells all of the premier archery brands, including Hoyt and G5 Prime. At Wilde Arrow Archery, you either know that your bow is in good hands, or that you’ll come away with the bow and archery supplies that fit your specific needs. And once you’ve purchased equipment from the Wilde Arrow showroom, you can use the shop’s 30-yard indoor target shooting range. 

5. Al’s Sporting Goods, Logan and Orem, UT

Al’s Sporting Goods sells all sorts of sporting gear, but its selection of archery gear is impressive. You will find targets, bow sets, archery gloves, arrows, and bow accessories, in addition to archery and hunting apparel. The best part? Al’s has regular sales, and its archery gear comes at affordable price points. 

6. FirearmsPro, Layton, UT

FirearmsPro specializes in guns, but it also sells archery equipment as well as knives and survival gear. Although the FirearmsPro store is relatively small in size, this shop packs a huge punch. It has an excellent online inventory that you can peruse on its website. The employees are incredibly helpful, and are keen on helping you to figure out what products are best for you. 

7. Bad Ass Outdoor Gear, Draper, UT

These people really know how to tune a bow. And they also know pretty much everything else about archery. Selling bow package deals, compound bows, ladies compound bows, youth bows, broadheads, decoys, and hunting sights, hunting arrows, quivers, and stabilizers (along with pretty much everything else archery-related), you can also expect all of the best brands at Bad Ass Outdoor Gear, including Obsession, Bear, and Quest.  

8. Salt Lake Archery, Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake Archery is definitely the Salt Lake area’s most popular spot for buying archery gear. This store sells pretty much anything an experienced archer could dream of: bows, optics accessories, boots, arrows, crossbows, apparel, tree stand accessories, points, broadheads, rest accessories, dampeners, silencers, 3D targets, blowgun accessories, rain gear, compasses, muzzleloaders, archery-related books, etc. The list goes on and on! 

9. SCHEELS, Sandy, UT

SCHEELS is an excellent option for buying archery gear. Given the sheer size of SCHEELS, you’re bound to find something you need, in addition to a bunch of things you probably don’t (but it’s OK to splurge every now and then!). SCHEELS archery selection is sizeable and easy to navigate.  

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