9 Best Ice Skating Rinks in Utah

9 Best Ice Skating Rinks in Utah

Utah is known for winter sports, and although skiing and snowboarding are definitely the state’s top winter activities, there is a passion for ice skating in the Beehive State. For decades, professional and aspiring ice skaters have taken advantage of the state’s impeccable facilities. That said, you do not need to be a good ice skater to enjoy ice skating in Utah. These ice skating rinks are great spots for skaters of all different skill levels. 

1. Salt Lake County Ice Center, Murray, UT

On the weekends, public skate time at Salt Lake County Ice Center is scheduled in two hour blocks, but when you’re only paying $4 (or $1 for ages three to five and zero dollars for ages two and under) for the entire block of time (plus $2 skate rental if you don’t have our own), you’re really getting a bang for your buck. If you happen to have a free Wednesday afternoon, the facility’s rinks are open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., giving you ample time to practice without the weekend crowds. 

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2. Park City Ice Arena, Park City, UT

There’s something magical about Park City, and if you have the privilege of going there in the winter, you don’t want to miss your chance at ice skating in what feels like a winter wonderland. The Park City Ice Arena is the city’s option for indoor ice skating—come here for public skate, private lessons, and even summer camps. 

3. Resort Center Ice Skating Rink, Park City, UT

Park City's other ice skating rink, the Resort Center Ice Skating Rink is outdoors and is only open for the winter months. If you’re not interested in skiing, this ice skating rink (located at the base of Park City Mountain Resort) is a nice place to enjoy the area’s scenic beauty without paying the big bucks. 

5. The Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT

A slice of New York City’s Rockefeller Center Rink in Salt Lake City, the Gallivan Center is definitely one of the nicest places to ice skate in Utah. It may not be an Olympic rink, but not much beats outdoor ice skating when it’s partially illuminated by twinkling lights. 

6. Utah Olympic Oval, Kearns, UT

Located southwest of Salt Lake City, Kearns is home to the famed Utah Olympic Oval. Built for the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Utah Olympic Oval has world-class facilities for all Olympic ice sports (figure skating, hockey, speed-skating, curling, etc.). Even if you just want to mess around on the ice with friends and family, the Utah Olympic Oval will welcome you with open arms. 

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7. Cottonwood Heights Ice Arena, Cottonwood Heights, UT

Another neighborhood hotspot, the ice rink at the Cottonwood Heights Ice Arena is a reliable ice skating option especially suited for families. The recreation center is more focused on serving the larger community than catering to athletes, which is part of its charm. Located 15 minutes south of Salt Lake City, the center is also a nice break from the busy. 

8. Midway City Ice Rink, Midway, UT

Midway Ice Rink is another small rink located 15-20 minutes from Park City. Midway is known as Utah’s little Switzerland, and a visit to the small town really will make you feel as if you’ve landed somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Midway’s Ice Rink boasts small-town vibes and a bunch of restaurants located within a five to 10-minute drive.  

9. Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon, UT

Southern Utah isn’t exactly known for cold temperatures, but Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon National Park defies conventional wisdom by offering ice skating at its winter festival. If you never expected to ice skate in the company of bright orange sandstone, think again.