Archery Gear—10 Best New Products of the Year

Straight from the floor of the Archery Trade Show, here are 10 of 2019’s stand-out archery and bowhunting products.

Archery Gear—10 Best New Products of the Year
Photograph by Tony J. Peterson
The Archery Trade Show provides the best sneak peek at all of the new products you’ll soon find at your local archery shop for 2019.

In January, I spent three days cruising the aisles of the annual Archery Trade Association Show, which was held in Louisville, Kentucky. The ATA Show is the chance for archery industry manufacturers to showcase their best new products and for members of the media, as well as pro-shop owners and other archery industry professionals, to check out the latest and greatest gear offerings on the market.

Anyone in the hunt for innovative and interesting products this year certainly didn’t leave the show disappointed. The following are 10 new gear items worthy of your consideration, whether you’re an archery newbie or have been bowhunting for decades. 

Mathews Tactic

Photograph Courtesy of Mathews Archery, Inc.

One product that created a lot of buzz at this year’s show was the new Tactic from Mathews. This could be attributed to the bow’s 30.5-in. specs, which include a 7-in. brace height, 4.24-lb. mass weight and the ability to generate arrow speeds up to 335 feet-per-second. Or it could be that this bow is only $849 and offers all of those things, and many, many more.

That price, for a rig of this caliber, is incredible considering that you could drop twice that much on a new bow from a competitor. In other words, anyone looking for the best bargain in quality bows would be well-served to check out the Tactic. 

Wicked Ridge RDX 400

Photograph Courtesy of Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Crossbows have come on strong in the archery market over the last five years or so. Demand has pushed the weapon into the mainstream, and fostered a pile of innovation in the category, but that’s also increased the average price of many models. It’s not uncommon to see price tags of well in excess of $2000 for 2019 offerings, which makes the RDX 400 from Wicked Ridge an absolute steal.

Options start at under $800 for this compact, 7.-lb crossbow that can fire bolts up to 400 fps. For ease-in-use the RDX 400 is designed with either the ACUdraw or Rope Sled cocking device, and every iteration is built with the DFI (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) for safety. 

Rinehart 1/3-Scale Woodland Elk Target

Photograph Courtesy of Rinehart Targets

Here’s the thing about archery targets, the more fun they are to shoot at, the more you’ll shoot overall. If you can find a target that is fun to shoot and will last for years, then you’re really on to something. No one builds targets to last longer than Rinehart and if there is a company with better imagination when it comes to creating new offerings, I’ve yet to come across it. 

Quick Tip: March is a great month to visit a local pro shop and receive hands-on help in choosing new archery products.


This year, Rinehart has released the 1/3-Scale Woodland Elk, which is the coolest target on the market. It measures 38 inches tall, is designed with a replaceable core, and represents an actual bugling bull elk, but at 33-percent of a real bull’s size. Even if you’ll never hunt elk in the wild, this target is a worthy investment at only $220.

Carbon Express Maxima XRZ Arrows

Photograph Courtesy of FeraDyne Outdoors

The arrow market can seem overwhelming, and since the entire category looks similar, it might seem like a waste of money to buy spendy arrows when there are cheaper options available. The thing about that is, high-end arrows perform so much better than low-end arrows that it’s not even close. They also last a lot longer because they don’t experience spine degradation nearly as quick. This means that while the cost up front is higher, overall they represent a better value. And it’s hard to make a better choice than to go with the new Maxima XRZs from Carbon Express.

These arrows are built with Tri-Spine technology to produce unprecedented flight, are laser-checked for straightness, and are available in multiple options to suit a wide range of archer’s needs. 

Black Gold Ascent Whitetail Sight

Photograph Courtesy of Black Gold Premium Bowsights

The sight market can also be a bit overwhelming, which is why it’s best to whittle down the choices to what you really need. For most shooters, three pins will suffice as will first- and second-axis adjustment. This makes the new Ascent Whitetail from Black Gold an excellent choice.

This American-made sight is built with the company’s signature PhotoChromatic technology, which utilizes available light to adjust pin brightness to perfection, no matter whether you’re shooting at first light or during your lunch break when the sun is blazing directly overhead. 

LaCrosse Atlas

Photograph Courtesy of LaCrosse Footwear

LaCrosse Footwear has entered the leather boot market in 2019 with a lineup that is ideal for everything ranging from a pleasant Sunday hike with the family to a high-country bowhunt for elk in vertical terrain.

LaCrosse’s Atlas boots are offered uninsulated options as well as insulated versions that contain 400, 800, or 1200 grams of PrimaLoft Insulation. At $170 to $200, these boots are mid-priced but built to the specs, durability and comfort of $500 offerings. Each Atlas features the DuraFit molded rubber heel cup and Dry-Core waterproof lining to ensure all-day comfort in the harshest conditions. 

Primos Double Bull Stake-Out Blind

Photograph Courtesy of Primos Hunting

Five-sided hub-style blinds are great for bowhunting, outdoor photography and for exposing youngsters to the wonders of nature. The downside is that they are often heavy, bulky, and not that easy to set up. This is where the new Stake-Out Blind from Primos comes into play.

This 4.5-pound, two-hub blind is perfect for run-and-gun outdoor activities. It measures 37 inches tall, features three shooting ports/windows, and is built with the SurroundView fabric so you can fully see out, but critters can’t see in. 

ALPS OutdoorZ Allure

Photograph Courtesy of ALPS OutdoorZ

The outdoor industry is embracing the influx of women into its ranks, and this is no more evident than when you check out new products like the Allure Stand Pack from ALPS OutdoorZ

Quick Tip: March is a great month to visit a local pro shop and receive hands-on help in choosing new archery products.


This daypack is designed to fit a woman’s frame perfectly via specially designed contoured shoulder straps and an innovative waist belt. It also offers up 2050 cubic inches of storage and weighs just a shade over four pounds. The Allure is designed with a litany of pockets and compression straps for added gear storage, and is covered in Realtree Edge camouflage.

AMS Bowfishing Hooligan

Bowfishing is gaining in popularity for many reasons, not the least of which is combining the awesomeness of archery with the fun of fishing! Getting started with the right gear can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to killer bowfishing kits like the Hooligan from AMS Bowfishing

Built on the Hooligan bow, which is a no let-off bow that offers draw weights of 24 to 50 pounds. This kit comes with everything you need to go bowfishing, including the Retriever TNT reel, Tidal Wave Arrow Rest, and a fiberglass arrow. 

Montana Decoy Wiley Tom

Photograph Courtesy of Montana Decoy Co.

There is no more of an exciting way to bowhunt turkeys than when hiding behind a silhouette decoy like the new Wiley Tom from Montana Decoy. This super realistic strutting tom decoy weighs less than two pounds, folds up to fit into a daypack, and is ideal for ticking off real longbeards and drawing them into range. It’s also built with a view-through window so you can see what you’re doing when you crawl through the grass toward a real tom. Just be sure to be safe and understand your environment, and you can experience turkey hunting in the most exciting fashion possible. 

About the Author: Tony J. Peterson has written hundreds of articles for over two dozen national and local publications. Although he covers topics related to all forms of hunting and fishing, his passion lies in do-it-yourself bowhunting for whitetail deer and western big game. Peterson is an accomplished outdoor photographer and currently serves as the Equipment Editor for Bowhunter magazine and Bowhunter TV.