ATV Off-Roading Adventure at Broken Arrow Trail

ATV Off-Roading Adventure at Broken Arrow Trail

What does your perfect day of off-roading look like? You probably think all about your thrilling ATV ride through some of nature’s most daring playgrounds. But the key to a great off-roading experience isn’t just about finding the right trail. It’s also about making the most of your day of fun. You need a place to fuel up for your ride, soak your wounds, and enjoy the sights. Here’s your guide to the perfect day revolved around off-roading in Arizona.

1. Mesa Grill, Sedona, AZ

No one should go off-roading on an empty stomach. Kick off your day of adventure with a hearty meal and some much-needed caffeine at Mesa Grill. This Sedona staple dishes up some of the best southwestern fare in Arizona. You can load up on a zesty breakfast taco, spicy omelet, or even go for a classic farm breakfast. Mesa Grill also has house-roasted coffee available with unlimited refills so you can get the extra kick you need to jump-start your day. The views aren’t half bad either. It’s located over a canyon and right next to Sedona’s airport.

2. Broken Arrow Trail

They don’t call them the classics for nothing. Broken Arrow Trail has long been regarded as one of the best places for ATV off-roading in the state of Arizona. This four-mile trail may be relatively short, but it’s a jam-packed thrill ride through one of the most beautiful areas in the state. Broken Arrow Trail is located in the Coconino National Forest near Sedona. That means you’ll be greeted by plenty of exposure to Sedona’s famous red rocks and gorgeous canyon views. Though there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery, this trail is all about the action. It consists of sharp and narrow turns on slick rock. The most difficult obstacle, known as “The Steps,” is a downhill trek through steep rock ledges. It may only be four miles, but you’ll have plenty of room to explore Sedona’s backcountry afterwards. 

3. Devil’s Bridge

Tourists have many different methods of exploring Sedona: ATVs, helicopters, pink Jeeps. There’s no greater way to get the full Sedona experience than by taking a hike through red rock country. After Broken Arrow Trail, ditch your ATV and head to Devil’s Bridge for an up close and personal hike through Sedona. This two-mile round-trip trail is a perfect way to unwind after a challenging off-roading experience. You’ll encounter a moderate trek through the Coconino National Forest. The trail ends at Devil’s Bridge, a natural sandstone arch that’s surrounded by a panoramic view of sprawling canyons and thick forest. 

4. Oak Creek Brewery and Grill, Sedona, AZ

With pub grub and delicious brews, Oak Creek makes for an excellent spot to unwind and fill up your belly after a long day. Their dinner menu features an array of delicious options, including their “Street Skewers.” Try the grilled bourbon barbecue pork skewer made with rosemary marinated pork loin drizzled with bourbon barbecue sauce reduction. House specials include full or half racks of deliciously savory barbecue baby back pork ribs and a slow oven-roasted half chicken. Is your mouth watering? For brews, try the Oak Creek Amber Ale, a North American Brewers’ Association silver medal winner. This is a medium-bodied ale with mild hop bitterness—pairs well with steaks, chops, and other roasted meats! 

5. Los Abrigados Resort, Sedona, AZ

All good things must come to an end. But your day of outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s dark outside. Book a room at Los Abrigados Resort to extend your time in Sedona. Los Abrigados is a 22-acre resort located along the banks of Oak Creek in central Sedona. It’s known for it upscale amenities and gorgeous grounds that are fitting in a place as beautiful as Sedona. Nearby Tlaquepaque is home to a number of restaurants, shops, and activities that will keep you entertained well into the night. You can then rest up for a second go at Broken Arrow Trail in the morning.