ATV Off-Roading Adventure at Tecumseh Trails

ATV Off-Roading Adventure at Tecumseh Trails

Have you been looking for a great place to take the ATV off-roading in Ohio? Why not make an entire trip of it? There’s plenty to see and do out near the Tecumseh Trails! Extend your awesome off-roading adventure by following this route in Ohio! 

1. FullBrooks Cafe, Nelsonville, OH

Before your big day of off-roading, you're going to need to charge yourself up with a good breakfast and coffee. At the FullBrooks Cafe in Nelsonville, you can get a full hearty breakfast along with a few cups of great coffee, and top it off with a slice of homemade pie. 

2. Tecumseh Trails, Hemlock, OH

First and foremost, one of the best places to go off-roading in Ohio is the Tecumseh Trails in Hemlock, Ohio. If you consider yourself an off-roading enthusiast, then you need to check out the Tecumseh Trails with its vast landscape of streams and hills. With 1,000 acres of space and more than 45 miles of trails, this is an ATV rider’s paradise! 

3. Sideliners Sports Bar, New Lexington, OH

This New Lexington spot is a classic. The atmosphere at Sideliners is perfect after a long day—it’s a cozy space with funny and quirky decorations. This is a great place to unwind, have a couple of brews, and enjoy yourself. 

4. Hidden Gem Cabins & Adventures, New Lexington, OH

If you just can't bring yourself to head back home yet, then you don't have to leave your amazing off-roading location. This rustic location with access to Wayne National Forest is great for hiking and having a picnic before you head home!