Camping Done Right: 7 Best Outdoor Stores in Maryland

Camping Done Right: 7 Best Outdoor Stores in Maryland

Maryland is lucky to have an extraordinarily diverse landscape with over 40 state parks and even more private campsites. Before heading out for your next camping trip, make sure to stock up on all of the best equipment at the following top camping gear stores in the state. 

1. The Trail House, Frederick, MD

The Trail House in Frederick, Maryland, describes their offerings as “a wide selection of products from clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, climbing gear, to an extensive array of both technical and casual footwear. Brands include Patagonia, Balega, Chaco, and much more.

2. H&H Outdoors, Baltimore, MD

H&H Outdoors specializes in clothing, camping gear, and GI military surplus materials. Camping equipment includes shovels, sleeping bags, blankets, survival kits, compasses, tarps, flashlights, and more. 

3. Beacon Surplus All-N-One Outdoor Store, Waldorf, MD

The Beacon Surplus in Waldorf, Maryland, has been in business since 1992. They sell military gear and clothing, boots and shoes, scouting supplies, and camping equipment. Camping equipment offerings include tents, air beds, camp furniture, and more.

4. Bass Pro Shops, Hanover, MD

Bass Pro Shops is one of the bigger outdoor supply outlets in the country. The Hanover, Maryland, location includes an archery range, climbing wall, ATV equipment, gaming, and camping equipment. Get your camping essentials, stoves, gifts, furniture, and more at the local Bass Pro.

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5. Beckley’s Camping Center, Thurmont, MD

Beckley’s Camping Center in Thurmont, Maryland, is a different kind of camping store—you won’t find many backpacks and tents, but if you’re in the market for RVs and other camping vehicles, you won’t do much better. They have new and used RVs, rentals, and snow plows.

6. Potomac Paddlesports, Potomac, MD

Potomac Paddlesports in Potomac, Maryland, is primarily a paddle sporting store, but they also have a wide variety of equipment useful for campers (even if you’re not participating in paddlesports during your next camp trip!). They sell a wide variety of helmets, gloves, insulation layers, outer layers, and more. 

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7. L.L. Bean, North Bethesda, MD

L.L. Bean is one of the biggest outdoors stores in the country. Bethesda, Maryland, is lucky to have the only brick and mortar location in the state. Their camping equipment selection includes headlamps, flannel, backpacks, hammocks, and even GoPros.