Dirt Biking Adventure in Pachuag State Forest

Dirt Biking Adventure in Pachuag State Forest

There’s nothing quite like spending the day off-roading on your dirt bike. Connecticut has some incredible spots you can do just that. Pachaug State Forest is one of the few areas of public land in the state where you can ride your dirt bike, and it sure is gorgeous. The largest state forest in Connecticut, Pachaug spans nearly 27,000 acres of magnificently-forested wilderness. To get the most out of your dirt biking adventure, make a whole weekend of it. Who knows what treasures you may find?  

1. The Bakers Dozen, Plainfield, CT

Enjoy freshly-ground coffee and grab some doughnuts, too, at the Bakers Dozen. You’ll be fueled for several hours of dirt bike riding after making a stop here. Their menu also features hearty breakfast sandwiches which is a great way to fill up your belly for the day. 

2. Pachaug State Forest

Pachaug State Forest, where many miles of trails for dirt bikers await enthusiasts, has some laws that must be observed by all dirt bikers. All bikes must be registered and street legal. Riders must be licensed, as well. In the forest, you’ll notice there are trails marked in red and trails marked in blue. Dirt bike riders may access only the trails marked with red arrows. Observing this will ensure safety for everyone in the forest. Most of the 58 miles of trails in Pachaug State Forest will provide a rush for dirt bikers. With frequent tree roots, rocks and plenty of ruts, there are ample opportunities to fly through the air—further amplifying the excitement of your chosen sport. Be sure to bring plenty of water, as in warm weather months you’ll feel the hot sun beating down on you.

3. La Cantina Bar and Grill, Plainfield, CT

Surely you’ve worked up a big appetite during your hours at Pachaug, hitting roots and ruts on the dirt bike trail. Satisfy your hunger with a stop at Plainfield’s La Cantina Bar and Grill. Order some beers and feast on some of the best Mexican food around! 

4. LaQuinta Inn & Suites, Plainfield, CT

Just because you’re about to check into the LaQuinta Inn & Suites after dinner, that in no way means your day is done. Foxwoods Casino is located just 10 miles away, and the hotel has a shuttle that runs at all hours of the day and night. Maybe you’ll win some bucks to buy an even better dirt bike for your next state park adventure!