As local communities continue to update Covid-19 regulations, local destinations for outdoor recreation may be closed. Please visit official websites for the latest information.

Get Back Into The Wilderness With An eBike


Get Back Into The Wilderness With An eBike

Mountain biking has always been a sport that is both thrilling and great exercise. Some terrain is harder to navigate than others, sometimes keeping the momentum going can be difficult.

A lot of mountain biking enthusiasts are now switching up their game and taking out eBikes instead of just a traditional mountain bike. 

Since an eBike runs off a battery, some people may call it cutting corners since getting exercise is one of the reasons for participating in the sport; However, having the ability to crank up the adrenaline at higher speeds with no effort can turn an exciting sport even more so.   

eBikes are handy to have, especially in some areas where hills are prevalent. If we’ve caught your interest so far, keep reading to see if an eBike is the right product for you.  

Why Would You Want An Off-Road eBike?

eBikes are considered a battery-assisted bicycle that removes some of the pressure from a long ride. It consists of a battery and a motor that engages when you use the pedals to make going up hills a breeze. 

Some eBikes come with a built-in throttle that you can activate at will which is thrilling in its own right. Some of these models aren’t legal everywhere and some people find it defeats the purpose since you can just ride the bike off the motor.

That being said, they move faster than traditional bikes, you can ride longer distances, and with the proper tires, you can take them out into the backcountry and ride the trails like you would with a dirtbike. 

It is important to remember that not all trails will allow an eBike to run them. Make sure to check for information regarding the permittance of eBikes. Opinions have been shifting in recent years as people are realizing that eBikes have no more impact on a trail than normal mountain bikes.

What To Look For In An E-Bike

Here are some considerations when it comes to purchasing an all-terrain eBike for off-roading in the backcountry. 


A battery is one of the most important components of eBike construction. As technology improves the mileage increases. Currently, you can expect to get between 40 and 100 miles out of a good quality battery before the need for recharging.   


Since you will be off-roading with your new eBike you should pay careful attention to how the bike is constructed. Most eBikes come with a reinforced frame since it has to hold a battery and a small motor. These factors make eBikes heavier than their manual counterparts.  

Companies are becoming innovative in their offerings as foldable eBikes are making their way onto the market. Since the bike is heavier, having it fold up makes for convenient storage. Perfect for keeping it out of the elements.    


As with your normal mountain bike, having quality tires makes a difference on the trail. Since eBikes have small motors inside to help propel them, having wider and thicker tires isn’t as much work as they are on a fat bike. 

You want all-terrain tires on your bike to help navigate obstacles such as rocks and sand. Skinny tires on sand usually end up with the rider bailing as the bike slips from underneath them.  

The Best All-Terrain E-Bikes

If you’re looking for your next off-road adventure be sure to check out the eBikes below from Jupiter Bike. 

Jupiter Bike Defiant Fat Tire Electric Bike

Battery Capacity: 10.4 Ah Lithium
Max Speed: 20 mph | 28 mph
Weight: 55lbs
Price: $1545.00

Foldable construction
Rear cargo rack
1130 watt (peak) and 750 watt (sustained) motor
40 mile range 

Step into the future with the Jupiter Bike Defiant eBike. It’s an innovative product with its foldable construction, hidden battery, and dual spring suspension. The Defiant is a powerhouse option if you’re looking for a few hours of mountain bike adventure. 

The bike rack on the back lets you take some camping gear with you if you’re looking to spend a night or two in the backcountry. 

Want to know more? Check here for specs and purchasing information!

Jupiter Bike Discovery X7

Battery Capacity: 7.8 Ah Lithium
Max Speed: 16 mph
Weight: 48 lbs
Price: $1145.00

34 Mile Range
350 watt geared hub
20” inflatable wheels 

Bike across dunes and follow wooded trails with ease using the Discovery X7. This foldable eBike packs up small and can travel in the back of your vehicle. It’s the full mountain bike experience with the convenience of an eBike utility. 

The quality of the eBike can be seen throughout the functionality of the design. Control the throttle with the molded hand grips while switching through the 6-gear system.  

Check out the X7 here

Jupiter Bike Discovery X5


Battery Capacity: 5.2 Ah
Max Speed: 16 mph
Weight: 40 lbs
Price: $845


350 watt hub motor
16” inflatable tires
30 miles Range

Enjoy all of the convenient features of the X7 but in a smaller package. The X5 has multiple innovations such as chain protection and LED headlight to make trail riding a safe adventure. 

Front and rear fenders keep the mud and dirt from caking up gears and the rear suspension makes bumpy terrain hurt less. If you’re looking to explore at your own pace the X5 is a great choice for you and your wallet.  

Click here to look at the X5!

Final Thoughts

eBikes are exploding with popularity because they make trail riding exciting by adding a new layer of thrills. Having the ability to activate a motor to help you go faster or explore areas that would be difficult to cross makes this a must-buy for any mountain biking enthusiast. 

Adding a battery and a motor does increase the overall investment into getting an eBike but that is easily made up with the adventurous doors these products will open. If you’re into dirt bikes and quads but don’t want the added headaches of maintenance and mechanical failure, an off-road eBike might be the best choice for you.  

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As local communities continue to update Covid-19 regulations, local destinations for outdoor recreation may be closed. Please visit official websites for the latest information.

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