Holiday Guide: 10 Gifts for the Fly Angler

From fishing vests to coffee table books. 

Holiday Guide: 10 Gifts for the Fly Angler
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It's no easy task to buy gifts for anglers—especially fly anglers. A sport like fly fishing has all kinds of quirks, intricacies, and personal preferences so knowing where to start can be challenging. That's why we're here to help. From convenient waterproof backpacks to sturdy vests with room for all your extra equipment, here are a few no-fail gifts to purchase for the fly angler in your life. 

St. Croix Rod Cascade Waterproof Backpack

For a long day out on the water, an angler may need to bring a little more gear than a short fishing outing would require. The Cascade Waterproof Backpack from St. Croix Rod is the perfect piece of equipment for longer days fishing. The pack is waterproof and holds 35 liters of gear—perfect for a full day of fly fishing. 

Patagonia Hybrid Pack Vest

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Patagonia’s Hybrid Pack Vest combines a fishing vest with a small backpack so you can haul extra gear without bringing along a separate pack. The front has all the pockets and anchor points that you’d expect on a fly fishing vest. At the same time, the pack has an integrated rod holder with multiple interior pockets, as well as a large exterior pocket that’s big enough for a jacket. The pack vest is designed to be worn all day—it ventilates in warm weather and won’t absorb water in wet conditions. 

Simms Guide Nipper

A nipper is an indispensable piece of equipment for a fly angler. So, if you’re looking for an ideal stocking stuffer this holiday season, check out the Guide Nipper from Simms. It’s made from aerospace grade aluminum, so the nipper is both ultralight and ultra-strong, easily cutting through both mono and fluoro leaders.

Ventures Fly Co. Premier Collection

You know your angler loves fly fishing, but you’re not sure how to choose the perfect fly as a gift. The good news is that you don’t have to. Just slip a selection of flies under the tree! With the Premier Collection from Ventures Fly Co.—122 premium flies, representing 48 patterns, in two storage boxes—your angler is certain to find plenty to be jolly about.

Redington Drifter Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Fly fishing typically involves a considerable amount of sun exposure. Keep your angler safe and comfortable with the Drifter Long Sleeve Sport Shirt from Redington. The Drifter is made from 100 percent recycled, moisture-wicking fabric and provides UPF 50 sun protection.

L.L. Bean Ultralight Packable Wading Jacket

You never know whether you’ll need a jacket—especially if you’re wading in water for several hours. That’s why the L.L. Bean Ultralight Packable Wading Jacket is an ideal gift for the fly angler in your life. It packs down to the size of an apple—small enough to tuck into a vest pocket—and weighs next to nothing. The sleeves are designed with a casting motion in mind, so it won’t disrupt your angler’s rhythm.

Flywater: Fly-Fishing Rivers of the West by Grant McClintock

Sometimes it’s not all that easy for fly anglers to get out on the water during the winter months. Whet they’re appetite for the coming fishing season with a gift of Flywater: Fly-Fishing Rivers of the West—a coffee table book filled with gorgeous photos of the North American West’s premier rivers and streams for fly angling.

Tenkara Rod Co. Beartooth Rod Package

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Give your fly angler something new to try: fishing on the fly. The Beartooth is a tenkara—a simplified style of fly fishing that originated in Japan—rod that travels in a small 14-inch tube. Your angler can keep it in the car and use it whenever an extra few minutes of water time presents itself—without need for all the usual gear and tackle.

Catch Cam Native Net

In these days of Instagram and Snapchat, there’s no excuse for not getting a photo—or better yet, an action video—of the fish you catch. With the Catch Cam Native Net, which has a special on-net attachment for a Go Pro or other POV camera, your angler will be ready to light up the Insta and start their own YouTube channel.

Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack

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Not only does this Orvis pack keep your gear organized, it keeps it dry too. The sling design helps keep gear out of the way and within easy reach at the same time. The pack stands up well to wading in deeps waters and even an accidental dunk. This sturdy, comfortable pack is perfect for any fly angler in your life.