Industrial Strength Twist Ties: One Tie to Rule Them All

Industrial Strength Twist Ties: One Tie to Rule Them All

Whether you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast or an experienced survivalist, you know the importance of having good cordage. Cordage is a loosely applied term that can mean anything from paracord or rope, shock cord, bungee cord, and even extended to include ratchet straps. 

While each of them has a specific role or what some would call “a time and place” none of them can quite do the job of all of them, at least without substantial improvisation. If you’re happy doing that, as is the outdoors tradition, then, by all means, keep at it. 

However, there have been several instances where I have either forgotten something or just wanted something that could do several jobs at once. As an outdoorsman, I am always on the lookout for items that can perform additional tasks. 

Twisted Goat is a company that has seemed to achieve the impossible in a unique way that brings back an old tradition. Industrial strength twist ties are an innovation that includes the utilization of a strong rope with the impressive grip of a twist tie. Combined, the possibilities seem endless. 

This article is tailored toward anyone who uses cordage in the backcountry. It’ll show you that perhaps it’s time to ditch the conventional means and embrace an effective new technology.

What Are They?

The interesting claim that their products can be used for a variety of tasks that you would generally need multiple products for is pretty accurate.  

The product consists of a strap, much like what you would see on a ratchet strap or webbing strap, that incorporates an industrial-grade twisting action. This is all from the braided 3-wire technology that is inside of it. This allows the strap to be easily flexible when you’re setting it up and incredibly secure when you tie, loop, or twist it.

If you want to loop it, Twisted Goat has incorporated a hard rubber surface that is tacky enough to give you a strong grip on whatever you’re looking to secure.

You can start to see how this could be used in a variety of different ways, especially after you factor in the additional grip and strong braided wire within. Let’s see how you can use them in outdoor activities and tasks.

Outdoor Uses for Twisted Goat Industrial Strength Twist Ties

Outdoor Uses For Twisted Goat Industrial Strength Twist Ties

Here are some of the applications that you can use the Twisted Goat Industrial Strength Twist Ties while in the backcountry. Keep in mind that there are probably many more than what will be listed below. The easiest way to think about it is to take something like a rope and imagine it being translated over to these products. 

This product comes in 3-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot sizes which can help you in a variety of situations.  

Here are the links for each size:

3 Foot Industrial Strength Twist Ties

6 Foot Industrial Strength Twist Ties

10 Foot Industrial Strength Twist Ties 

Bundling Firewood 

Everyone who has built a campfire usually tries to stay close to the camp to get their wood. Other adventurous types will bring a paracord or a rope with them to bundle the firewood together. Sometimes this works but oftentimes because of balancing, pieces may fall out. 

This is where the industrial Strength Twist Ties can come into play. They enable you to wrap around a bundle of wood but with either the twisting action or looping it multiple times around the wood, you can easily secure it so that no piece falls out on your travels back to camp. 

You can bring back a lot more firewood this way without carrying it awkwardly in your arms where you are at risk of tripping because you can’t see where you're walking.   

The starter pack includes 1 of every length and is a great choice to have for simple tasks.

You can find the Twisted Goat Starter Pack here 

Building A Bushcraft Shelter

Bushcraft shelters are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. A simple lean-to shelter with two walls can be an entire day's work, and you haven’t even made the bed yet. A lean-to consists of a ridge pole between two trees and then logs leaning up against it to form the back wall. The side walls are then constructed by logs connected to the structure. 

The amount of cordage you’d need is dependent on the structure size, but you will have to put quite a few knots to hold the ridge pole and all of the supports. This is where industrial-strength zip ties come in handy. Instead of knotting your rope or paracord you could simply twist and have it as secure as you would with a rope. Probably even more since there is a wire running throughout. 

This saves time, energy, and frustration that can come from not correctly setting your knots. If you need to take down your shelter, it’s as simple as undoing the twist that you made. 

The Twisted Goat Jumbo Pack includes 4 of every size, which should give you a good start on your shelter. 

Check out The Twisted Goat Jumbo Pack here

Securing Your Gear

Whether you’re wanting to secure your gear to a Polk sled in the winter, or your paddles to your canoe. There is one thing all outdoor enthusiasts can agree upon… you don’t want to lose your gear. 

That’s the nice thing about something like industrial-strength twist ties, they are easy to set up and take apart. I like the idea of not having to figure out knots in the cold or while I’m getting eaten alive. Sometimes on paddling trips, it’s nice not to have to do as much work when you get to camp. 

Twisted Goat has a variety pack that comes with 2 of every size. This can build your collection or a good start to minimizing your cordage bundle, and I know you have a cordage bundle. 

Interested? You can find the Twisted Goat Variety Pack here 

Final Thoughts

I’m always a fan of making my life in the backcountry a little easier. Twisted Goat has a good product idea and the right execution. If you want a versatile piece of kit to replace some bulky cordage, check them out. You might be surprised.