New Wheels: Six ATV Tires to Check Out

The right wheels for every type of off-roader.

New Wheels: Six ATV Tires to Check Out

Your OHV allows you to explore the path less traveled. It gives you the opportunity to journey to uncharted territory. As such, you're going want to have the right set of tires for your adventure. No matter how you use your ATV—driving through deep mud on steep hills or driving on flat, groomed trails—the right tires make a difference. And as you also know, if you use your ATV often, the tires can wear down quickly. If it’s time to think about new wheels for your ATV, here are a half-dozen 4x4 tires you should check out.

ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain

The ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain tire is designed for high-performance motor sports with extended-wear rubber, which means it will last a long time for typical trail use. At the same time, it also means that you’re going to pay a little more for this tire than you may be used to. But that’s the tradeoff you make for a tire that will perform in just about any situation—from deep mud to flat sand tracks—and that you won’t have to replace as frequently. 

SUNF All-Terrain

As the name implies SUNF All-Terrain ATV tires excel in a variety of off-road conditions, including snow. The tires are manufactured from premium rubber with tread that offers enhanced traction and skid control. The six-ply rubber is also puncture and tear resistant, as well as durable, making for a long tire life. One drawback to the tire is that it underperforms in deep mud. With that caveat, you’ll be more than pleased with the All-Terrain on just about any other surface.

Carlisle HD Field Trax

If you use your ATV mostly for farm, home or garden use, rather than recreational riding, the Carlisle HD Field Trax is a good tire choice for you. It isn’t made for racing or speeding down a trail. Rather it’s designed to perform best in muddy, snowy, or rugged conditions where you need solid grip and sure footing. The multidirectional tread design means that the tire won’t accumulate mud, debris, or foreign objects, which leads to a longer tire life.

Kenda Pathfinder K530

Photograph Courtesy of Kenda USA

The Kenda Pathfinder K530’s tread pattern is designed to give you the most performance when you’re hit the trail for some outdoor adventuring. The high-performance design boasts a puncture-resistant casing, as well as superior traction and stability, making it ideal for even the roughest of trails. Although it tends to be narrower than other ATV tires, the Pathfinder performs well in most off-road conditions.

Carlisle Knobby

The Knobby from Carlisle is perfect for surfaces with a little give, like soft dirt or sand. Although the tire’s contact patches are okay for hard surfaces, they are not designed for super rough, or rocky terrain, and may not perform as well as you’d like under such conditions. Having said this, the Knobby performs well on most other surfaces, offers excellent control and steering, even at higher speeds, and the tire is lightweight, so it won’t stress your ATV’s engine when off-roading.


With their proprietary “side bite” tread, MASSFX makes rugged ATV tires that are designed to stand up to rugged terrain. They also perform well at higher speeds, maintaining excellent traction, stability, control, and braking ability. The side bite design makes for tougher sidewalls, so this tire’s literal all-around durability means it will stand up to most anything you’ll encounter on the trail.