Paddle Games—3 Fun Games To Play On The Water

Try these three classic games to keep your kids entertained on your next paddle adventure.

Paddle Games—3 Fun Games To Play On The Water
Photograph By Eugene Buchanan

  • “I Spy”: (“I spy something green, something wet, etc.”) – perhaps make a rule that it can only be something people see in the natural surroundings.
  • “Pattern-Not-Logic Puzzler”: One person starts by saying something like, “I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing a book but not a magazine, a tool but not a saw, the moon but not the stars…” Everyone then has to guess at the secret to “packing” by coming up with similar examples. “A knife but not a fork” is incorrect, but “a spoon but not a fork” is correct. (Hint: think double letters).
  • “Story Game”: One person thinks of a story while the others try to figure it out by asking yes or no questions. “Is it about a person?” “Yes.” “Is it about you?” “No.” “Is it something that happened today?” “Maybe.” The trick is that there is no story. When people ask the questions, if the last letter in the question is a consonant, the answer is yes, if it is a vowel, the answer is no, and if it ends in a “Y,” then the answer is maybe. The stories created are usually better than anything that anyone could possibly think up on their own.

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