RECAP: New Gear from the 2020 ATA Show

Find out all that's new in the archery world. 

RECAP: New Gear from the 2020 ATA Show
Photograph Courtesy of Archery Trade Association

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) held its 2020 Trade Show in January at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. As in the past, this year’s trade show offered an impressive array of new and exciting products that any bowhunter would love to add to his quiver. Here is some of our favorite new gear from the 2020 ATA Show.  

Annihilator Broadheads

Annihilator Broadheads represent bowhunting’s answer to the stealth fighter. The good folks at Annihilator started with the concept of getting rid of surfaces that lead to inconsistent or, worse, inaccurate arrow flight. What they came up with was a fixed-blade arrow tip that looks and flies like an F-35. The broadhead is crafted from a single piece of one of the toughest metals out there, 4140 steel alloy, and is molded into a scooped-out wedge that claims the largest cutting surface of any broadhead out there (0.18 square inch). Although it boasts the aerodynamics of a field point, the Annihilator actually has a large overall surface area. This, in turn, also aids in penetration because it reduces friction by forcing anything that it’s displacing away from the center of the arrow. Annihilator won the gold medal for products that made their debut at ATA 2020.

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Out on a Limb Shikar Climbing Stick

Another gold medal winner at ATA 2020—for new products launched at the show—Out on a Limb’s Shikar Climbing Sticks were certainly a show-stopper, especially for bowhunters who prefer to hunt from a saddle. The Shikar weighs in at 24 ounces, which makes it the lightest climbing stick available to bowhunters. The Shikar is customizable and comes in two configurations: Single step or double step. Depending on the configuration you choose, the Shikar folds down to a low-profile 23 or 27 inches long and is only about an inch or so wide at any given point. The climbing stick is rated to 300 lbs. and features an aid attachment hole toward the bottom to assist in giving hunters a little more elevation from their vantage point. There’s even an optional platform that can be placed on top of the stick for those who hunt from a sling.

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Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite Bow Sight

Just released in November 2019 and making its debut at ATA 2020, Black Gold’s Mountain Lite bow sight stirred up a lot of buzz at the show. The Mountain Lite boasts all of the same features as Black Gold’s industry-leading Ascent Verdict but in a more-compact, lightweight package. The Level Head sight ring is easy to adjust, more secure and can be customized. The Mountain Lite also boasts a new dual indicator system that features two indexable needles. The angled sight tape can be seen from the side or from the back, and unlike most other movable sights, the Mountain Lite works well with one-piece quivers. You can even mount an optional 2x or 4x lens on the sight to bring your targets closer.

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Kirsch Hunting Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock

One of ATA 2020’s most high-tech products were the Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock from Kirsch Hunting. The Bloodhound XTN is a nock that detaches from the shaft of your arrow as it passes through the target. While the shaft and the head pass through to be recovered later, the Bloodhound XTN clings to the target, and sends off a signal that will allow you to track your fame within 400 yards using the handheld Bloodhound tracker. With the Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock, you will recover more game, prevent spoilage, and decrease the risk of other predators finding your prey before you do.

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