Start Your Trek: 7 Best Hiking Retailers in Utah

Start Your Trek: 7 Best Hiking Retailers in Utah

Sometimes, the best views come from the hardest climbs, but that doesn’t mean the hardest climbs have to be uncomfortable. With the right gear, the right energy sources, and the right attitude, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. And it’s no secret Utah is a state for hikers. Not only is there an infinite amount of hiking trails in Utah, but there is an impressive selection of trusted hiking retailers where you can prepare to conquer your hikes. The following seven are some of the state’s best. 

1. Willow Canyon Outdoor, Kanab, UT

For a unique outdoor retailer experience, check out Willow Canyon. This store goes far beyond just a store, too. You will find excellent brands in footwear, backpacks, and other apparel, including Chaco, Outdoor Research, and Patagonia, but you will also find a coffee shop. Hang out a while after you’ve picked up your gear to read a good book and sip on some espresso. What’s better than that? 

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2. Sierra Trading Post, Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Salt Lake City suburb of Cottonwood Heights is the gateway to some of the state’s finest alpine adventures. You’ll be amazed at the deals you find at Sierra Trading Post on awesome hiking boots, backpacks, and apparel. Nothing quite beats this store’s prices and selection. 

3. Gear Express, Salt Lake City, UT

Gear Express specializes in rock climbing, but the store also has a great selection of hiking gear. Why shop from these guys? The company is top in customer service. Bond over your love for the outdoors. The staff will treat you like family. As you benefit from good prices and solid know-how, you’ll also feel right at home. 

4. Big 5 Sporting Goods, Multiple locations

Stepping into Big 5 Sporting Goods in Orem feels like a blast from the past. Not because of the store’s massive range of sporting equipment, but because of the store’s building. But that’s all part of the fun. Hiking and other outdoor activities will never go out of style. And Big 5 knows how to make your hiking adventures possible on a low budget. Odds are you’ll leave the store with more than you expected to. 

5. GEAR:30, Ogden, UT

Gear:30 is your Northern Utah spot for what they term “Mountain Gear.” But really, at GEAR:30, you’ll find top-notch hiking gear for men, women, and children, suitable for every season. This includes base layers, mid layers, and outer layers, as well as easy-to-pack swimsuits for the unexpected lake jump at the end of a long, summer hike. GEAR:30 also prioritizes your safety on the trail—the store’s supply of appropriate nutrition and emergency items really shows that these people know what they’re talking about. 

6. Desert Rat, St. George, UT

There’s nothing as inviting as a store called Desert Rat. Hiking in the alpine regions of Utah is markedly different than hiking in the state’s southern regions, and Desert Rat will help you get on your way in the red rock desert with confidence. Started in 2008 by a group of self-proclaimed “desert rats,” the store boasts local, chill vibes. 

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7. BYU Outdoors Unlimited, Provo, UT

Outdoors Unlimited is a favorite of Provo residents, probably because shopping at Outdoors Unlimited also means they are supporting their city’s university. The store was opened in 1982 with the goal of helping Utah Valley’s large student community get involved in the great outdoors. Were they successful? Yes. And the non-student public also benefited from this decision. At Outdoors Unlimited, you can rent or buy outdoor gear with the help of passionate, hiking-savvy 20-somethings. Sometimes, this is an adventure in and of itself.