VIDEO: QDMA’s Field to Fork Program

VIDEO: QDMA’s Field to Fork Program

Video and Photograph Courtesy of QDMA and NSSF

Between an inability to access hunting lands and a lack of proper mentorship, hunter numbers have seen a decline in recent years. But this doesn't mean that people aren't still interested in the sport. If you come from a non-hunting background, it can be a bit of a challenge to know where to begin if you want to get involved. The Quality Deer Management Association's Field to Fork is a "food-focused hunter recruitment program for adults from non-hunting backgrounds," according to QDMA. 

This program gives adults from non-hunting backgrounds exposure, education, and experience in hunting whitetail deer. Between history lessons on conservation and hands-on tutorials for learning how to handle a crossbow, the Field to Fork Program takes new hunters through all the steps. 

Learn more about the excellent educational and sustainable work they are doing in the video above. 



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