Action Steel Handgun Match

Saturday, Oct 27, 2018 at 8:00am

Lloyd Leppo Jr. Gun Range
3275 Boys Ranch Road

Click here for registration and more info.

This match is a run and gun mix of falling and static steel. It is super fun with a fast, simple stage reset. Be sure to bring plenty of ammo and at least 4 magazines. 168 required hits.
Standard velocity pistol only - 9mm to 45 ACP. No magnum loads allowed.
Only center fire, holstered handguns may be used in this match.
All divisions are limited to 10 rounds in each magazine after the start signal.
You will need 4 magazines (minimum) to shoot this match.
PRACTICAL-10 - (USPSA Production & Single Stack and/or IDPA legal holster and mag carriers)
LIMITED-10 - iron sighted pistol with USPSA race rig holster and/or magazine carriers.
OPEN-10 - pistol with optical/electronic sights and/or compensator* with any style holster and magazine carriers.
REVOLVER – any capacity revolver with any style holster and ammunition carriers.
Factory ported barrels do not constitute a compensator.

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