Arkansas Folk Festival

Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

Mountain View, AR

62nd Annual Arkansas Folk Festival

Rich History
Music is in our blood and has been ringing through these mountain for over 150 years.  One of the earliest forms of Ozark folk music was the ballad tradition, which consisted of songs that told stories of love, loss, and tragedy. Many of these ballads were based on events that had occurred in the region, such as the Civil War, and were often passed down orally from one generation to the next.

A Town Built on Music

Pickin & Grinin
No matter where you turn, you're likely to find some music being played. You'll hear mountain folk music being played on fiddles, banjos, standup bass, guitars, dulcimers, maybe even on a washboard.  

Our main stage in front of the courthouse, but you’ll also find music being played in the Pickin Park, in front of the music shop, next to Kin Folk BBQ, at Jimmy Driftwood's and about a dozen other venues and corners throughout town.

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