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Cactus Rose Ultra & Trail Relay

Friday, Oct 23, 2020 at 6:00am

Hill Country State Natural Area
10600 Bandera Creek Rd

The old-school self-support style of putting out your own gear remains the same.  But I'm adding a new twist...

A few volunteers at each station to cook quesadillas or grilled cheese on demand.  Also, a stocked ice chest with cold Coke & Ginger Ale to grab & go.  Understand: this is not the usual full spread aid stations with tons of volunteers.  But maybe better for its efficiency and lack of chaos. A merge of the old style & new.  Plenty of water & ice, as usual, but also a bit of hot food & cold drinks.  This is what it would look like if I had a buddy crewing for me.

This was meant to be a tough race ...on purpose. But I also wanted to make it possible for those who fly in and cannot easily bring all the gear they need…Either way, the views are spectacular and picturesque, and the event is always epic.


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