CheNarr Adventure Race and Rogaine

Saturday, Mar 2, 2024 at 7:00am

2150 Sams Creek Road

The CheNarr Adventure Race and Rogaine is returning for a second year from Hardwin Adventures. The first event is a 12 hour Adventure Race on the Harpeth River, in Narrows of the Harpeth State Park and throughout the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area. The AR will involve trekking, mountain biking and paddling. The second event is an 8-hr Rogaine which is a foot travel only race through the Cheatham. This year the race will be held on March 2nd. The new date should enable us to utilize more of the existing trail network inside of the Cheatham. The race will be a faster, less bushwhack heavy event than last year's installment. We also have been working with the Nashville Orienteering Club to assist building a new base map of the region. Last year we found out the hard way that the available map data for the Cheatham is dated and often erroneous.

Here's a primer for those who are unfamiliar with adventure races and rogaines.  Both adventure races and rogaines are navigation-based races. That means that this course is not going to be marked like a typical Hardwin ultramarathon. Racers will be given a map, will need a compass, and will be attempting to find as many checkpoints as possible.  Traditionally in an AR, racers compete in co-ed teams of three or four racers that travel together along the entire course from point to point. For the CheNarr, two person teams, same gender teams and solo racers are also acceptable. A rogaine is a similar event consisting only of foot travel that is also map and compass navigation based. The rogaine will also be a team-based event, but solos will be welcome just like the AR.

For both races, most checkpoints (CPs) are optional. Essentially, whoever makes it back to the start having visited the most checkpoints wins. If there is a tie, finishing time is used as a tiebreaker. There are penalties for being late. Arriving after the race finish time is a penalty of 1 CP, and teams will lose an additional CP for each additional five minutes that pass after the cut-off time. So don’t be late.

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