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Fringe Festival - The Sea Voyage

Monday, Sep 16, 2019 at 7:00pm

Independence Seaport Museum
211 South Columbus Boulevard

The Philadelphia Artists' Collective

Like any good play about the sea, this one opens with a storm. A band of privateers find themselves stranded on an island seemingly inhabited by a lone castaway. When the island’s other residents surge onto the scene, a war of love and duty breaks out. A true maritime romp of the Jacobean era, The Sea Voyage will be like its luckless pirates: raw, bold and devilishly funny. A voyage you won’t want to miss from the company that brought you The Sea Plays, 2013, Fair Maid of the West, 2015, and Iphigenia at Aulis, 2017. Produced in collaboration with the Independence Seaport Museum.

$25 / 120 minutes

Written by John Fletcher and Philip Massinger Directed by Dan Hodge Cast Linnea Bond as Crocale, Andrew Criss as Tibalt, Cameron DelGrosso as Albert, Nathan Foley as Sebastian, Joel Guerrero as Franville, Stephanie Hodge as Aminta, Eli Lynn as Raimondo, Eric Mills as LaMure, Kimie Muroya as Clarinda, Yajaira Paredes as Rosellia, and Natajia Sconiers as Juletta Fight Director Eli Lynn Production Manager Elizabeth Miesenzahl

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