Hemlock Scouting at LeVine Preserve

Sunday, Apr 22, 2018

LeVine Nature Preserve

PLAN Stewardship Coordinator Greg Redling will lead a hemlock scouting excursion at LeVine Preserve. Hemlocks are a valuable resource in New York State for many reasons, and conserving hemlock trees is vastly important for ecosystem health and for the many benefits they provide to humans and wildlife.

LeVine PreserveHemlocks fulfill a variety of essential ecosystem roles, making them a necessary component of a healthy landscape.  They provide food and shelter for wildlife across the landscape, and they protect and filter water sources that are valuable to animals and humans alike.

Deer, moose, porcupine, grouse, squirrel, and mice all eat hemlock, especially during the winter when other food sources may be scarce.  Hemlock groves also provide excellent sources of cover because of they have a dense canopy and open understory.

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