New York Renaissance Faire

Sunday, Sep 23, 2018 at 10:00am

New York Renaissance Faire

Special Events And Theme Weekends:

Masquerade Weekend

Discover the hidden you! Join in the mystery, romance, and pageantry of a true European tradition — the Masquerade Ball! Guests are invited to dance and make merry to live music. Who shall you dance with? The Masquerade will keep your secrets, until you divulge your identity!

Entertainment of the Shire:
The Joust
The Legend of Robin Hood
Aaron Bonk – Fire Whips And Swords
The Court of Queen Elizabeth
Blackenshear the Curious!
Wine and Alchemy
Arsene Dupin The “Magikhana” Show
Hey Nunnie Nunnie!
Cirque de Sewer
Ded Bob!
The Tortuga Twins
Combat Chess
Chit Chat
Jeremiah Wiggins
Shakespeare Approves!
The Raven
The Lynx Show
Maypole/Peasant Dance
Sky Kings Falconry
Eddie Jeff Cahill
The Freestylers of Piping
Lady Prudence, Court Composer
Stewart And Arnold Knife Throwing
Vince Conaway, Dulcimer
The Jackdaws
Matthew Young, the Pride of Ireland
The Royal Pipers

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