Saturday, Mar 23, 2019

Riney Property 2043 Highway 311 Cross, SC

The Palmetto Relay /70 is a unique, one-day relay adventure in which you and five friends run 70(ish) scenic miles through the heart of the LowCountry.  The Palmetto70 Relay is a 12 leg event that follows roughly that last third of the Palmetto200 course.  It begins in Moncks Corner in the Francis Marion Forest and ends just outside of Charleston.
The Palmetto Relay /70 will be held March 23, 2019.  The first flight of teams will start the 70 mile relay around 3:30 am on Saturday, March 23rd. Over the next hour or so, additional sets of teams will depart on their journey through the Low Country. Palmetto70 teams will start to finish around 2:00 pm that afternoon.  Palmetto Relay /70 teams will be treated with additional camaraderie on the road from teams that are running the Palmetto Relay /200 starting in Columbia, SC on Friday March 22nd.  The Palmetto Relay /200 teams will start to finish as early as noon.

Course Information:
The Palmetto Relay /70 is a 70(ish)-mile race that begins just outside of Monck Corner, SC and finishes just outside Charleston, SC.  It is a 12 leg race and runs roughly the final third of the Palmetto Relay /200 course.
The course travels through the Francis Marion Forest finishing outside of Charleston.

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