Ruck 'N' Run

Saturday, Nov 10, 2018 at 8:30am

Meadowview Baptist Church
1100 W State Hwy 174


The starting line is at the dead end on Meadowview Lane. This is also the finish line. Each participant must stay on the designated route. The route is 5.56K or 7.62K. Along the route, there are 5 stations for the 5.56K and 7 stations for the 7.62K route. All participants (Ruckers & Runners) must complete the prescribed exercise at each station before continuing. The stations are designed to be completed without the necessity of ruck removal. Participants may choose to remove their ruck to complete the station. However, the challenge is to keep the ruck on, as this adds weight to the exercise. Safety first. These exercises are done on the “honor system.” It is highly recommended that each participant practice these exercises along a similar route on their own time, prior to the event.

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