The Leap Day Relay Thu February 29 2024

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 at 7:00pm

Griffith Park
2333 Fern Dell Place

On Thursday, February 29 (Leap Day) Trials of miles, REI, and HOKA are hosting a two-person, 4 x Mile trail relay race on the one mile long Observatory Loop. Each team will run the loop four times, with team members alternating laps, and handing off a baton at the conclusion of each lap. (That means each individual runner will do the loop two times, with a break between each loop.) 

The race will start at 7pm. This means it will be dark during the race! Runners are required to race in headlamps. 

You can sign up with a partner or individually (and we will place you with a partner).

This event is open to runners of all ability levels.

Click Here For Registration:

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