Barr Lake State Park

13401 Picadilly Road

Bicyclists of all ages and abilities, nature hikers and horseback riders enjoy the level 8.8-mile multi-use trail that circles the lake, passing by several wildlife viewing stations and the park's wildlife refuge. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted in the park. Numerous bald eagles winter at Barr Lake and one pair stays to nest and raise its young every year. Barr Lake's Nature Center has displays about the park's wildlife and you can have your questions answered by a naturalist. 

Fishing enthusiasts and boaters, including kayakers and canoeists, enjoy the lake's calm waters as powerboats are limited to electric trolling or gasoline motors 10 horsepower or less. Channel catfish, small and large-mouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye, bluegill, wiper and tiger muskie are among the species that inhabit the waters of Barr Lake. Get Coloradoboating registration and regulation information.


Archery range open sunrise to sunset; the range is FREE to use. A park pa​ss is required for entry into the park. There are 12 lanes from 10-100 yards and one Broadhead lane.

Our 3D range is open!!  We have 10 lanes with a variety of targets from deer and turkeys to alligators and dinosaurs! 

Standard practice tips only, no broadheads allowed.​

The 8.8-mile Perimeter Trail is open to hikers, horseback riders and bicyclists and follows the perimeter of the lake. The road across the top of the dam (Dam Crest Trail) is open to hikers and bicycles except on Wednesdays and Saturdays from October through February 16th due to hunting. Bicyclists are encouraged to use bikes with thorn-proof tires because the trails are not paved and thorns are prevalent.

A bird watcher’s paradise, Barr Lake State Park offers an expansive boardwalk with beautiful gazebos and benches for unparalleled wildlife viewing. The refuge is a large section of the lake that is off limits for boats and watersports, so all kinds of wildlife has space and peace to thrive. Prominent species there include eagles, pelicans, double-breasted cormorants, blue herons and grebes. The park-facilitated osprey nest offers an amazing glimpse at the beginning of the magnificent birds’ life cycle.

Stop by the nature center to see all our feathered friends at our bird feeders.

The lake is open to all vessels!  There is a 10HP limit for motorized vessels, and boating is not allowed in the Wildlife Refuge.

Remember, ANS inspections are required prior to launch.  Inspection Station hours are:




While there is no camping allowed at Barr Lake State Park, there are several Colorado State Parks within an hour to an hour and a half drive from Barr Lake.

Cross-country Skiing
Cross country skiing can be great at Barr Lake when conditions allow.

​​Dogs are allowed in the park as long as:

they are on a six foot or shorter leash at all times

their waste is properly disposed of

Dogs are not allowed in the wildlife refuge area. Please plan ahead and do not bring them on hikes that include this protected section of the park.

Please be considerate when approaching horses on the trails.​

Don't forget pets get thirsty too.  If walking the trails with your pet don't forget to take some water for them.

Multiple warm water species call Barr Lake home, including walleye, wipers, bass, perch, and carp.  Trout are stocked and can usually be caught through mid-summer. 

Fishing is not allowed in the wildlife refuge area, or in the irrigation canals surrounding the lake.

Stop by the Nature Center to pick up a current fishing license and regulations.​

Our main trail, the Perimeter Trail, is open to hikers, horseback riders and bicyclists and follows the perimeter of the lake for an 8.8 mile loop. There are shorter walks along the various boardwalks that extend over the lake during the spring. An easy 1.3-mile walk from the Nature Center brings you to the Gazebo Boardwalk, where you can get an excellent view of the eagle's nest and the rookery using a spotting scope. The road across the top of the dam (Dam Crest Trail) is open to hikers and bicyclists except on Wednesdays and Saturdays from October through February due to hunting.

Horseback Riding
An 8.8-mile loop trail for hikers, horseback riders and bicyclists follows the perimeter of the lake. Horses are not permitted on the boardwalks or the Dam Crest Trail- the road on top of the dam. Horseback riders can use the lower trail below the dam.
The Equestrian Playground is available.

Barr Lake is open to waterfowl, goose and dove hunting during regulation seasons (See regulation brochure for season dates). Hunting in the park is only available Saturday's and Wednesday's. There are 14 blinds (one handicap accessible) that are under the reservation system.
Each hunter may reserve only one blind per hunting day at Barr Lake by calling  1-800-846-9453 (UGO-WILD) 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday, 14 to two days in advance of the desired hunting day.
Blinds that have not been reserved will be available on a first-come, first-served basis after 5:00 am on each hunting day.
Reserved areas that are unoccupied by 7:00 am, and blinds vacated during the day will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
All hunters must check-in prior to starting their hunt and check-out after finishing the hunt at the hunter check station located by the Ranger Office. Hunters failing to check-in or check-out may be ticketed.
Check-in and check-out procedures are posted at the hunter check station.
Barr Lake is located in the Northern Front Range Season for Geese and the Southeast Zone for Duck and Coot. Please make sure you are shooting within the correct season.

Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is allowed when conditions allow. 

Paddle Boarding
The lake is now open to all vessels!  The boat ramp area offers easy access to the lake for all types of paddlesports.  Don't forget your lifejacket and noise producing device!

Picnic tables are located throughout​ the park to enjoy your BBQ along with family and friends. While enjoying your picnic you will be able to view the variety of birds and other wildlife that call Barr Lake home. All sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  For larger groups, our Meadowlark Pavilion can be reserved by calling the park at (303) 659-6005.

Strong spring winds can make Barr Lake a great lake to sailboard in May and June.

Snowshoeing is allowed with appropriate conditions.

No swimming or wading allowed.