Billy Goat Trail

MacArthur Boulevard

The Billy Goat Trails have been popular with hikers since the mid-1800s. Comprised of three separate trails accessible from the towpath, and designated Sections “A”, “B”, and “C”, the Billy Goat Trails offer beautiful views of the Potomac River. Please choose the appropriate trail by its difficulty level.

Section “A” is extremely strenuous and involves a lot of rock scrambling and the need for good balance. With its difficult terrain, the 1.7 mile hike takes most visitors 2-3 hours to complete. Visitors in less than optimal health, with small children, or those not experienced or properly outfitted, should consider other trail hiking options. Section “A” starts below Great Falls near the Stop Gate and ends on the towpath just upstream from the park’s Anglers access point. Dogs are not permitted.

Section “B” is a moderate hike. Located just downstream from Anglers, in the Marsden Tract area, “B” contains a few small rock scrambles and provides a quieter atmosphere then “A”. It is the best of the three for birding, especially in the spring.

Section “C” is an easy walk. Although there are still a few rock outcroppings, most of the trail is wooded. It is located just downstream from “A” and “B”, in the Carderock area of the park. Great hike for spring wildflowers and fall colors or during the hottest summer days.