Blue Trail

98 John Dominic Drive

Length: About 2.7 mile, easy to moderate
Markings:  BLUE (previously orange)
Features: Hope Lake
Trailhead at John Dominick Drive (directions)
Trailhead at Shelton Avenue (directions)

Description: Dominick Trail was designed as a major north-south artery that connects all the various trails at Shelton Lakes together.  This trail will become part of the extended Paugussett "Blue Dot" Trail that will link Shelton Lakes with Indian Well State Park. Most of it is easy, although there is one small stretch that is steep enough to cause problems for bikers (we have had one serious injury).  The trail begins at John Dominick Drive (off of Buddington Road) and ends at Shelton Avenue. New sections at the north end are still a little rough as of 2010.