Buchanan Adventure Tours

402 Pecan Park Drive

About Us:

Buchanan Adventure Tours (BAT) is located at the LCRA owned Canyon of the Eagles on Lake Buchanan, near Burnet, Tx. We offer many guided and non-guided trips, ranging from one hour to several hours. On land, we offer guided nature hikes with a BAT naturalist that will fill you in on everything geologic, geographic, and historic about the area, along with detailed descriptions of the plant and wildlife along the hike. Two endangered bird species, the Black-Capped Vireo and the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, nest in the park and are a must for every bird checklist. We also offer do-it-yourself geocaching, where we provide you with a GPS unit pre-loaded with location points. You have the option of choosing between a short or long trip, and with the GPS unit, you will locate hidden boxes in the park. Inside the boxes is information about something specific to the area where the box is found, along with a trivia question. At the end of the trip, you can have your trivia answers checked to see how you did. For an added dimension of fun, split one large group into smaller groups and have the smaller groups compete against each other to see who finishes first and who scored best on the trivia questions.

The Splash and Cache adventure combines geocaching and kayaking into one grand adventure, where you paddle around the bend into Tanner Slough, beach the kayaks, complete the geocaching adventure on the trails, and then kayak back. Also available are hourly kayak (tandem and solo), canoe, and stand-up paddle board rentals. Rent a watercraft and paddle by the dock with the kids, or follow the edge of the lake, exploring coves and fishing for striped bass. We offer reduced rates for large groups such as family reunions, Boy/Girl Scouts, and church groups.

The Guided Waterfalls Tour takes you on scenic journey to the most unique geological formation on Lake Buchanan, Falls Creek Falls. This unique adventure allows you multiple different opportunities to enjoy the falls. You can kayaks to and from the falls, an eight mile round trip. This should only be chosen by people of good health who have considerable kayaking experience. The second option is a little less epic, as you paddle one way, with a shuttle back in our pontoon boat. The third option is to be shuttled up to the falls in the pontoon boat, where we will anchor and allow you to paddle around under the falls for 2-3 hours on our Sea Eagle inflatables, and then we'll shuttle you back to the dock. This option is the most relaxing and least physically strenuous of the falls trips. All paddling trips, guided and non-guided, come with basic instruction and all the proper paddling gear.

We also offer a full day adventure to Gorman Cave, the 40th longest cave in Texas. Its main passage meanders through larger open rooms as well as some fairly tight squeeze, and then returns underwater at 2,500 ft. Many beautiful formations such as soda strew stalactites, rimstone dams and draperies can be examined. The cave is home to a maternal colony of cave bats, Myotis velifer. These trips provide a great introduction to caves in their natural state. Youth can learn about cave exploration and conservation while they explore the undeveloped portions of cave. After your cave exploring, we hike up to Gorman Falls, a 65-foot waterfall, then head over to Spicewood Springs to take a dip in the fall pools.

Don't forget to tear your eyes away from the amazing scenery and look toward the sky, as the land along Lake Buchanan and Colorado River is the winter retreat of the Bald Eagle, with many reported cases of nesting pairs. You'll not soon forget an afternoon of Texas Hill Country majestic scenery from the water's perspective, topped by the sight of a Bald Eagle lazily soaring on the air currents. Life in the Hill Country doesn't get much better than this!